Bliss Body

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the last of five Koshas, known in Yoga as the Anandamaya Kosha, or as the Spiritual or Bliss Body.

Once you have reached the state where you have grown and expanded beyond all of your koshas, you will have achieved a state of self-realization. It is worth remembering that in your truest form, you are blissful being. True bliss is not a fleeting, temporary emotional state that passes rapidly, true bliss is an all-consuming experience of absoluteness. True bliss is not something that you pay witness to but rather something that you become. “What could they mean by this” I can feel you say?

Have you ever had the experience where you notice the difference between knowing the steps to and dancing a dance to becoming one with the dance? When you are the dancer, and you are just going about performing the steps as you were taught them, your ego is still in place, and you remain mindful of your appearance, with your mind dictating and coordinating your movements.

However, when you become at one with the dance, you cease to exist as an individual, you become one with the energy and rhythm. When the dancer and the dance become one that is a state of pure bliss.

When you are free from all of your worries, your expectations, stresses, aches and pains, anxieties and your own sense of ego, this is when bliss occurs. Its when there stops being you and you become one with the experience. The artist becomes the painting, the singer becomes the song, the yogi becomes the asana and the masseuse becomes the massage. When your actions take place without you planning their execution, this is true bliss.

Everybody has felt and experienced fractional glimpses of this type of blissfulness before, but to be truly enlightened is to draw out and extend the experience, bringing it to the forefront of your everyday life. So the question arises, how is it possible to feel this sense of bliss on a daily basis whilst leading your ordinary life?

The answer is by aligning your spirit, body and mind. Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda are the tools which can help you to achieve this balance.

Once you have healed your body, learnt to slow your breathing, learnt to become aware of your surroundings, accomplished being able to release your stories, and finally to hear and be guided by your intuition, then you will have truly achieved self-realisation.

In order to help you achieve creating a connection with your Anandamaya kosha, here are a few techniques you can practice. Practice and learn a form of Yoga, learn to play a musical instrument or take singing lessons, become involved in a free-flowing dance group, and finally to spend more time in Nature.