Vijinanamaya Kosha – Your Intuitive Body That Provides The Guides

Continuing with our blog series on the Koshas, allow us to share some more Authentic Yogic wisdom with you, as we focus on the topic of today’s blog – namely your Vijinanamaya Kosha, or the Intuitive body.

Once you’ve begun the process of removing any blockages in and between your three lower koshas, namely your physical, energetic and mental bodies, you can then start the process of connecting with and tapping into your higher-self.

Have you ever had the experience where, out of the middle of nowhere, a voice rose up from somewhere inside of you, and with absolute clarity, provided you with the perfect piece of advice? And it only occurred to you moments later what had just taken place, and left you puzzling over exactly where that voice with its ideal advice came from? If you have, then you have experienced your intuition or a connection with your Vijinanamaya Kosha, Your Intuitive Body That Provides The Guides.

The fourth sheath; the Vijinanamaya Kosha, is your wellspring for these moments of incredible wisdom. On a higher level, it speaks to you in subtle whispers and gently guides your path. If at some point you have followed a pull you felt to go in a certain direction, only to have an experience that resulted in your life being changed forever, for the better? Then your Vijnanamaya kosha is responsible and the one you should thank.

The more deeply you stay connected with your intuition, so too will you receive more and more “downloads”, downloads directly from the universe, each of which will contain applicable pieces of insight and great wisdom. These so-called “downloads” are in essence messages of divine wisdom and realizations from your higher self, that are being channelled or passed down through your unblocked koshas. They serve to give you an idea of what you are intended to do and make you more aware of your true nature.

The universe is in constant communication with us, the more you tune in to its frequency and pick up on its subtle energies, the more aligned you become with your true nature. By undertaking the task of ensuring the health of your physical body, enhancing and vitalising your Prana, and going about releasing your samskaras, you can ensure that you become more finely attuned with your intuitive body.

Your knowledge of the ego, the existence of the discriminative intellect and the awareness of buddhi all occur in the Vijinanamaya Kosha. It is here that you become aware that you aren’t your physical body, your personality or even your thoughts. It is here that you are able to recognise any emotions without having any attachments to them.

It is within your Vijinanamaya Kosha, your intuitive body that we find your morality and the realisation that you have the free will to decide on the situations that occur in your life. As with all free will, it is entirely up to you to decide what’s right. It’s up to you whether to follow the ethical rules that are Yamas and niyamas, those guidelines that instruct you not to lie, steal, cause harm or overindulge.

Many people who are on some form of a spiritual journey have a deep awareness of this particular Kosha. There are some actions that you can practice or undertake in order to strengthen your connection with your Vijnanamaya Kosha. They are as follows; the first is obviously to always try and follow your intuition, know and keep in mind that you are not your ego, but rather the soul beneath it. Work on forging a deep connection with your higher self for guidance, and keep your mind clear in order to receive those universal “downloads”.


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