Vikruti 1104x423 - Your Changing Doshas And An Ayurvedic Secret to Health - Part Two

Following on from our recent blog on Prakriti and how our doshas change, let’s discuss more on that topic.

As you know your Prakriti isn’t just a single Dosha but is rather a unique combination of all three of your Doshas. For example today your Prakriti is primarily Kapha, with Pitta as secondary and lastly Vata. Your Vikruti today, however, could be predominantly Vata, secondarily Pitta with Kapha being the last component. Hence you are now more Kapha than you are Vata, despite the fact that you were born with different doshic traits.

One needs to take care of your doshas becoming unbalanced due to external influences and behaviours, as you can (and do) change their predominance through things such as diet and exercise. It is an idea to occasionally take a Dosha quiz or do a doshic self-analysis as to see what you highest Dosha is that day.

As previously discussed, right at the instant of your physical conception, your genetic makeup was devised and formulated. From physical traits like the colour of your skin and hair, your limb definition and the characteristics of your personality, right down to the illnesses and afflictions you may be prone to during your life, all of these came picked and packaged for you. That is your Prakriti, In essence, it is truly the deck of cards you were handed when born, completely unique as one of your fingerprints or a pattern of freckles.

Irrespective of what you do, alter or eat, these factors are set in stone, and are completely unchangeable, from how your eyes react to the reflective glare of sunlight off of things to the areas of your body where you lose weight first when following an exercise and diet regime.

At your truest form, is what you are in your Prakriti, it is forever there, unable to be changed, you do have the ability to manipulate, disguise or hide it, but never to change it. Your Vikruti conversely, is your Doshic constitution of the day and both describes and indicates what your Doshic makeup is exactly at that present moment in your life.

It can be related to a variety of things, lifestyle choices, environmental factors and also your dietary regime. It is fairly easy to become confused about both your Prakriti and also your Vikruti, however, they are in no way the same. In order to determine your Prakriti, of the easiest ways it to think and recall what you were naturally like when you were a child, without any form of manipulation or dictated influences from others.

This will give you an idea (and the more often you do this exercise the more insight you will gain) and show you how, in essence, your body was designed and what it is best suited to. Then you will have a starting point to examine and determine the impact of your present habits and the various other lifestyle factors that have an influence or play a role in your present body state as it is today.

One of the easiest and most amazing Ayurvedic secrets to health is that having your Vikruti and Prakriti match. The maintenance of a balance is something your body naturally strives for and wants to occur. We often find that things mostly or often go off balance when we stray away from our natural bodily rhythms for whatever reason.

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