Warm Water Helps Healing

Nowadays, it seems that every health magazine or wellness program reminds us to drink plenty of water, but few mention warm water. Daily we are told how important it is to drink enough water as part of a healthy lifestyle. From staying hydrated to look our best while we purify our body. We know that drinking enough water daily is very important for our bodies. But did you know there is a “ best way” of doing when it comes to drinking water? For example, did you know that drinking boiled water has the most benefits? And that you should only drink water (boiled water is best) when you’re thirsty? So listening to your body instead of trying to follow a schedule that may not be right for you 

What Ayurveda Says About Drinking Warm Water 

In Ayurveda, eating cooked food that served warm is far healthier for you because it’s easier for your body to digest than eating raw, cold food. Therefore so is warm, boiled water easier to use than cold water. Exactly how cold water puts ‘s out the flames of a blazing fire, so too does Ayurveda tell us how it weakens and slows down your inner digestive fire, or agni.

By boiling water before drinking it, the properties and quality of the water become lightened, making it easier for your body to process and digest. Boiled water will remain at the ideal level to use for the next 24 hours. Even when the water has cooled to room temperature, the fact that it was boiled makes it far easier to digest. Although warm, boiled water works best if you are using it to aid elimination support, by helping your digestive system to function optimally by tightening the body’s intestines.

An Easily Available Natural Detoxifier And Healing Agent.

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Warm Water

Boiled warm water is known as one of nature’s most useful home remedies. Assisting in everything from soothing menstrual pain to calming headaches. Warm water is known to both calm and sooth abdominal muscles, providing relief from muscle cramps and spasms. According to medical resource Healthline, warm or hot water is usually better for painful cramps. As hot liquids increase blood flow to the skin they help to relax cramped muscles. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go about drinking gallons of hot water daily. Overconsuming water can cause negative health effects.

The Thirst Myth And The Possible Damage it Can Cause.

Nowadays, we have all heard how we are supposed to drink at least eight large glasses on a daily basis. Additionally, if we were thirsty before we started drinking water, we would already be dehydrated. Unsurprisingly enough, these facts began circulating about the same time as the bottled water industry was beginning to boom. The sensation of thirst is not a sign of the fact that you are dehydrated. Within the realm of Ayurveda and it’s accompanying science,

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Warm Water in A Copper Kettle

Ayurveda defines thirst as one of the body’s natural urges. Urges falling into the same category as hunger, yawning, burping, sleeping and eliminating waste products. Much as you wouldnt force yourself to excrete bodily waste with no urge to. So Ayurveda supports the idea there isn’t a need to force yourself to drink excessive water to avoid becoming thirsty. Forcing yourself to consume excessive quantities of water can lead to the condition hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication. Hyponatremia’s effect on your brain, kidneys and nerve impulse endings can get serious, sometimes even fatal. When following an Ayurveda way of life, if you are thirsty, drink warm water until you’re not, then stop drinking. It indeed is a simple concept.

Better Circulation, Body Detoxification And The Many Other Benefits Of Correct Water.

When you drink a glass of warm water, fat deposits in the body get removed from your body. So do other built-up deposits from your nervous system. As warm water flushes out these toxins that are stored throughout your body it also your improves blood circulation. Drinking warm water helps to relax the body’s muscles. As the muscles relax they assist with poor blood flow and circulation. Research has also shown that drinking warm water helps you from feeling thirsty for longer periods of time.


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