red lentil dhal warm cooked oiled food

Eat Warm, Cooked, Gently Oiled Foods.

Eat warm cooked oiled food. This concept may come as a surprise, because of how much salads get classed as the classic healthy food choice. But cold, raw, uncooked foods are difficult for your digestive system to process.

The Digestive Wonder Of Warm Cooked Oiled Food

Your Digestive Fire

Ayurveda compares your digestive system’s capacity to a physical fire, which you extinguish whenever you consume excessive cold foods instead of warm cooked oiled food.

Nourish Your Body And Assist Your Digestion

The Benefits Of Warm Oiled Food to Your Digestive Tract.

It is best to eat warm cooked oiled food, as all of these factors, help the food to kindle your digestive system and travel smoothly through the digestive channels of your body

The Body As a Series Of Pathways Called Srota

We learn in physics that heat expands, while cold contracts. Ayurveda envisions the body as possessing channels or pipe-like pathways called Srota, which are responsible for transporting and circulating nutrients, and for elimination.

All of these bodily channels need to stay open and unclogged for optimal health. When you consume cold foods, you constrict your body’s digestive channels, making your food remain in your system for a longer time compared to warm cooked oiled food.

Srota And The Ayurvedic Digestive System

Keeping Your Bodily Channels Open And Kindling Your Digestive Fire

Eating warm cooked oiled food, on the other hand, keeps all of your channels open and flowing. Thus serving to kindle your digestive fire, thus supporting healthy elimination.

Assisting Pre-digestion With Warm Cooked Oiled Food For a Healthy Gut

Cooking your food “pre-digests” it for you, meaning your digestive system doesn’t need to work as hard when you eat warm oiled food.

Discover A Balance For Your Warm Cooked Oiled Food

Getting Your Food Balance Right

Having the right amount of oil ensures that your warm food can travel smoothly through your body’s digestive and elimination passageways.

Typically, in the capacity of your digestive system a teaspoon of oil is good per serving of cooked warm oiled food. Although it’s beneficial to modify the amount throughout the year and according to your individual health needs.

The Different Types Of Oils To Use On Warm Cooked Oiled Food

The type of oil you choose can also vary throughout the year, although ghee can Benefits anytime. Even if you can’t cook your food, due to time constraints, travelling, or lack of a kitchen, you can still ensure your consumption of warm cooked oiled food for the maximum digestive benefit.

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