Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre Founder’s Statement

vision mission dr t - Our Vision, Mission and ValuesOur centre was founded in 1999 with a vision to bring new international standards of training and delivery of Ayurvedic practices.  In recent years Ayurveda has been getting prominent recognition on a global scale.  Its deep-rooted philosophy of keeping the body and mind in balance, creating perfect health and attaining a state of inner freedom (nirvana) has attracted people from all walks of life worldwide.

Ayurveda is a part of the ancient Vedic heritage of India. Centuries ago, it was at its highest glory and part of the Indian way of life for thousands of years.  However, during the past 8 centuries, it suffered a serious blow causing a decline during the Mogul invasion and British colonial rule. The knowledge of Ayurveda had been practically lost and only a handful of people have maintained the original knowledge in its purity.

The escalating health care costs associated with many harmful side effects of modern medicine has spurred intense activity worldwide seeking alternatives to modern health care.  This has caused India to remember its hidden potential that has been lost due to the long lapse of time.

Opportunities in the wellness industry and proper positioning of Ayurveda has become an urgent necessity.

Here at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center, we have perfected our training program for therapists, developed systems and processes which have given us recognition from the Ayurvedic Wellness community.  Now, 13 years since the operation has started, we have come a long way. But the goal to reach has a long road ahead.  We thank all our guests from 60 countries who have given us constructive feedback.

We have survived against many odds and difficult circumstances.  Unseen blessing hands have always been working from behind me. What we learned by making mistakes has been my real strength.  Afraid of making mistakes is the biggest mistake.  This the biggest lesson I have learned in life.

With regards

Dr Talavane Krishna

Vision and Mission Statement

To integrate the philosophy and practice of Ayurveda
in the healthcare industry world over

ivacstone - Our Vision, Mission and Values

IVAC Mission – Harmonizing body, mind and soul

  • Spread the health giving benefits of Ayurveda to mankind.
  • To develop standards and processes for human resource development to the emerging wellness industry. Write SOP manuals.
  • To bring awareness to the youth of India by providing dignity of labor, training in practical skills and improvements in communication.
  • Conduct seminars and conferences to exchange and integrate the Vedic and Ayurvedic concepts to other healing systems and corporate governance leading to standardized corporate wellness programs making it a mandatory legal compliance.
  • Start grass root level training institutions to train Ayurvedic Vaidyas, therapists and other skilled personnel for the wellness industry.
  • Develop traditional Ayurvedic Indian brand of Spa/Salon- therapeutic clinics of global standards both in India and overseas.
  • Use modern technology effectively to package and deliver Ayurveda worldwide
  • Develop new products based on Ayurvedic principles and conduct research and clinical trials.
  • Reduce the healthcare cost by promoting effective, affordable Ayurvedic way of lifestyle.
  • Adopt, practice, and promote all eco-friendly principles and technologies.
  • Preserve endangered species of medicinal plants and herbs.
  • Write manuals for SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the new generation of Ayurvedic wellness industry, which may eventually lead to franchising.
  • Integrate Yoga, Ayurvedic diet and meditation to the lifestyle of humankind.
  • Seek necessary accreditation from healthcare and educational institutions.
  • IVAC is to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Our Goal – Universal promotion of better health

Through the dedicated efforts of our highly motivated team, we at IVAC are engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life. Our aim is to revive the memory of our true divine nature; to rekindle our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves.

Our Values

  • Absolute honesty
  • Fairness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Focus on contribution
  • Non dogmatic spirituality
  • Getting more done by doing less work smart
  • Calling forth the best of ourselves & others
  • Being open to change
  • Having a special sense of humor
  • Having a keen distant vision & up close focus
  • Having self discipline
  • Keeping balance