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Vaastu Book

The Vaastu Workbook provides detailed instructions for creating a home that Dr with the natural and spiritual energies of its environment.

Editorial Reviews

Detailed instructions for creating a home that harmonises with the natural and spiritual energies of its environment.

  • Unlike feng shui, which favours adding “cures” to cover existing problems, Vaastu (like holistic medicine) focuses on fixing underlying problems for the health of the entire system.
  • By the director of the foremost Vaastu centre in India.
  • Includes 100 line drawings to make all the complexities of Vaastu understandable to a beginner.

Feng shui practitioners are quickly discovering Vaastu, the Indian art of environmental design that helps you create a home that is in harmony with the natural and spiritual energies surrounding it. Until now, books on Vaastu have told you where to place your doors or ponds without fully explaining the rationale behind this. The Vaastu Workbook presents Vaastu as it was meant to be understood as an interconnected part of the great Indian tradition of sacred knowledge, along with yoga, Ayurveda, and astrology.

Using hundreds of clear line drawings, The Vaastu Workbook takes you through every conceivable Vaastu situation, exploring the dos and do not’s of window and door placement, interior design, street focus, directional facing, landscaping, and much more. Introductory chapters provide a thorough grounding in the basics of Indian astrology, the five elements, and the healing tradition of Ayurveda, all of which is necessary to truly understand the details of Vaastu. With this knowledge in hand, even a beginner can quickly learn how to design a new home or renovate an existing one in order to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to those who live there.

About the Author

Dr. Talavane Krishna practiced medicine in the United States for 16 years before returning to India, where he now directs the Indus Valley Foundation, a non-profit organization in Mysore dedicated to promoting Ayurveda and Vaastu worldwide and arranged according to Vaastu specifications.

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