Arthritis – Rheumatoid


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) / Polyarthritis is an autoimmune, chronic, systemic inflammatory condition that affects various tissues and organs, but principally the joints. It causes deformity and painful joint condition, which interferes with the quality of living if not addressed properly. This condition can is known as Ama Vata in Ayurveda. This condition is caused by the increased accumulation of toxin (AMA) in the body, which acts as an antigen in the body and sets in motion an antigen-antibody reaction which causes an imbalance at all the Dhatu (Tissue) levels due to blockage in various SROTAS (channels) and finally lodges in Trika (Trika 1 – an intersection of scapula Trika 2 – Sacral region) and Sandhi (Joints)


  • loss of energy – Fatigue
  • lack of appetite
  • low-grade fever
  • Joint pain is often felt on the same joints on both sides of the body associated with morning stiffness and swelling -If not treated in time, the joints may lose their range of motion and become deformed.
  • Chest pain when breathing
  • Nodules under the skin ( in severe condition)
  • Numbness, tingling or burning in the hands and feet
  • Sleep difficulties

Ayurveda describes the pain as similar to scorpion sting and shifting in nature


  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Warmth
  • Reddish discolouration
  • Deformities

Line of treatment: improving Agni, balancing Pitta-Vata, Strengthening Kapha

  • Agni Deepana
  • Ama Pachana
  • Balancing and maintaining the Tridoshas
  • Maintaining ama free state

Treatments – The treatment modalities include panchakarma, external therapies, internal medications, Activities,  Advice of food and lifestyle changes.

  • Panchakarma – Basti, Virechana, Rakta Mokshana (In very acute conditions to manage pain)
  • Externally – Abhyanga, Valooka Sweda, PPS, SSPS, Dhara, Lepa, Basti, Pichu
  • Internally  – Monitored administration of Medicated Castor oil is considered as the best remedy for Ama Vata
  • Medicines to improve appetite and help digestion, herbs to balance and strengthen balance Doshas


  • Specific Yoga Asanas,
  • Physiotherapy

Food and lifestyle changes:

  • Specific to the individual’s constitution, nature of work and geographical conditions.


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