Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre

Udvarthana - Ayurvedic Treatment

This famous ancient Ayurvedic ritual was a tradition among royalty to keep their body weight in balance and maintain a proper tone of skin and body shape.

A specialised weight-loss treatment where warm herbal paste made with grains, herbs, and a small amount of herbal oil is vigorously massaged onto the body by two therapists helps to balance Kapha. It is also an excellent treatment to help loosen and dislodge toxins that are embedded in the tissues as part of detoxification therapy. Aromatic herbal paste prepared with special oils is used to scrub and remove dead skin. The herbs and oil gently work deep into your skin. As part of IVAC’s weight loss program, Udvarthana massage is often recommended along with Sweda (a steam-bath therapy).

It helps to increase circulation and reduce cellulite, tone muscle, exfoliate the skin, imparts a good complexion to the skin and energises the body.
Depending on the individual, several sittings may be required to get lasting results for the reduction of cellulite. Your Ayurvedic doctor will advise as to how many sessions should be undertaken based on your body constitution. This treatment helps in preventing and reducing wrinkling of the skin and makes one look much younger!

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