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Shirodhara - Ayurvedic Treatment

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Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing therapy that involves an ancient technique of pouring a fine stream of warm medicated liquid slowly onto the middle of the forehead. Shirodhara either uses organic oils, warm whole organic milk, or organic buttermilk (takradhara) that have been infused with a selection of precious Ayurvedic herbs. Depending on one’s health condition and individual constitution, either an oil or milk formula will be recommended by the Ayurvedic doctor for the treatment.

This therapy promotes the experience of transcendence, the sought out experience of moving beyond thoughts to pure inner silence and quiet. Shirodhara brings you into a state of trance and promotes good sleep. It recharges your body, brings clarity to the mind and offers a quiet space to experience your true self.

It’s highly beneficial to combat insomnia, depression, tension and tension headaches. It is also an excellent line of treatment for aggravated and burning eyes. Shirodhara offers the best results when performed after a session of Abhyanga.

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