Shirobhyanga - Ayurvedic Treatment

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This 20-minute treatment is far from the ordinary head and shoulder massage. This focused head and shoulder massage makes use of selected medicated Ayurvedic oils and focuses generously on the Marma points in the head region. Utilising specific marma points situated on the head and ears to promote the circulation of prana, it works on enhancing and invigorating the vibrational body. It is highly effective in balancing various organs around the region and nourishes the nervous system. Warm herbal oil is applied in a sequence of specific massage strokes that help to open up the energy channels in the head and neck.

For this treatment, one sits easily in an upright position while the therapist gives the treatment. It is highly recommended for improving the senses and is known to improve mental clarity, memory, and concentration. It also helps to alleviate a tight neck and shoulders, stimulates the scalp by detoxifying the hair follicles thereby reducing baldness and premature greying. It is also wonderfully soothing to the eyes, ears, and head. It is a profoundly relaxing and enjoyable treatment.

The Benefits of Shirobhyanga include helping in combating insomnia and bringing sound sleep, it has a cooling effect on the eyes, reduces and relieves headaches, removes dandruff, combats premature greying and hair loss, and is a profoundly soothing and relaxing treatment all around. Those who have problems with hair fall or hair loss greatly benefit from this treatment.

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