Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil) - Ayurvedic Treatment

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Sarvaganhara, also called pizichili is a heating and sweating treatment that opens up the channels of the body to draw toxins out of the tissues. This unique treatment is one of the most beneficial treatments Ayurveda has to offer to thoroughly detoxify the physical body. It is especially beneficial for individuals who have been exposed to environmental toxins, vapours, harmful metals, viruses, and bacteria. In order to receive pizichili, the body needs thorough preparation through full panchakarma in order to have a safe detox and receive its maximum benefit.

The treatment process sees herbalized oil or medicated milk poured in delicate streams all over the body. The head is kept cool in order to avoid overheating. The experience is profoundly relaxing and blissful when the oil is kept at a comfortably warm temperature.

Besides detoxification, other benefits are relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, enhanced healing from fractures, increased energy, immunity, longevity, emotional balance, and recovery from stroke, immunity-boosting, anti-ageing and rejuvenation

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