Padaghat - Ayurvedic Treatment

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This is a special massage technique and is a unique method of administering medicated oil to the whole body and creating an invigorating massage with greater applied pressure exerted by the feet of the therapists. The purpose of Padaghat is to offer a deep tissue massage by applying the weight and pressure of two therapists. The client lies on a mat on the floor while technicians hold onto a rope to balance their weight evenly and then skillfully use their feet to massage. It is deeply relaxing and is a recommended part of IVAC’s weight loss program because of its ability to reduce excess fat and toxins. The sequence and technique of the massage help to remove deep-seated pain from the joints and bones and helps in removing toxins from the deeper set muscles that are not always reached in a conventional massage.

The Benefits of Padagatha: Padagatha offers a variety of benefits, among others; it alleviates Vata, removes excess kapha, improves the skin’s complexion, removes obstructions from the body’s channels especially through the pores of the skin, it strengthens and revitalises the body’s tissues and various organs, it promotes feelings of lightness and augments and strengthens agni and its associated metabolic functions.

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