Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic Treatment

This is a very thorough and invigorating treatment that includes Marma points, acupressure points and specialised massage techniques using ghee (clarified butter) to the feet and lower leg. By activating the points on the feet all the organs of the body are enlivened and Prana circulated through the system. This particular foot and leg massage stimulates all organs of your body and increases the production of Ojas, inducing a state of deep relaxation that brings a sense of total wellness to the entire system. It is well known within Ayurveda that our entire body is represented in microform in our feet. A Padabhyanga massage will stimulate all the Nadis in the body; according to Ayurveda, the human body has 72000 Nadis and they connect at special points of intensity called chakras. Energizing and balancing the Chakras is the key to wholeness and well-being. This treatment is excellent in helping to cool and enhance eyesight, improve digestion, alleviate restless leg syndrome, increase fertility, alleviate fatigue, (especially in the feet), and increases overall circulation throughout the body.

The Benefits of Padabhyanga: Padabhyanga is known to improve the condition of the eyes, by soothing and cooling them and alleviating any burning sensations in the eyes, it induces deep sleep, and improves the lustre of the skin, Smoothing cracked skin on the feet and relieving tiredness. It also benefits individuals who suffer from hypertension.

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