Karashubakari (Manicure) - Ayurvedic Treatment

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An Ayurvedic herbal hand treatment that has been uniquely tailored at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, the treatment sequence starts with the hands being soaked on organic whole milk, which is high in lactic acid and free of any hormones, marvellously softens the hands, the hands are then vigorously massaged with an oil best suited to your body’s constitution based on you Dosha, and any dead or stubborn skins cells are removed with a combination of lemon juice and a sugar scrub.

The hands are then covered with a herbal pack made from Multani Mitti, milk and rosewater. Finally, a neem paste is applied as a tingling toner and purifier before the nails are shaped and painted if desired. Taking a whole hour really makes it a pampering ritual to be relished.

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