Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre

Abhyanga Sweda - Ayurvedic Treatment

This signature treatment is performed in synchrony by our Indus Valley trained therapists as they gently knead and perform a stimulating and invigorating massage by using warm medicated oil. Abhyanga is a synchronous full body treatment performed by two therapists. This four-handed massage represents the compassionate four-armed Goddess of Health anointing the body with medicinal oils that nurture and purify all the bodily tissues called dhatus. There is no other massage technique that can be compared to Abhyanga in any other healing tradition. The treatment integrates and focuses on all of the various levels that we have as individuals, from the most physical to the most subtle and spiritual level. When performed the Abhyanga massage stimulates over one hundred Marma points in the body, thereby balancing the energy flow in the chakras. The treatment starts with a Marma point focused massage of the head, face and shoulders in the sitting position, while your feet are washed with fragrant rose water, followed by a full body massage by two therapists. Marma points are energy centres in the body, through which pranic (or life force) energy travels. By balancing and stimulating these points, the physiology and psychology of a person get balanced and strengthened, as the flow of prana is encouraged. Our therapists are intensely trained at our Indus valley training Centre to skillfully perform this delicate ritual.

The Benefits of Abhyanga are numerous, Abhyanga is known to eliminate fatigue, reduce mental stress, create lymphatic stimulation and by so doing assists with detoxifying the body, enhances sleep, reduces anxiety, alleviates depression, promotes a feeling of well-being and contentment, and balances all the doshas.

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