pic doshas - Traits And Characteristics Of Vata People

This blog post deals with the physical characteristics of individuals who have a bodily system predominately influenced and governed by the Vata Dosha.

People who are predominantly Vata are able to consume whatever foods they like without gaining weight, in actuality, they are often deliberately trying to gain weight but find it hard to gain either muscle or fat. Predominantly Vata people are generally small-boned, with defined joints that are often heard to crack, they are generally either exceptionally tall or extremely short, like ballet dancers or catwalk models. They are generally affected by dry hair, nails and skin.

Vata people will often have crooked teeth that need to be corrected with braces and upon inspection of their mouths, it becomes clear that they have thin gums. Their thin skin results in dark circles under their eyes and they feel cold most of the time whilst producing very little sweat. Back problems and abnormalities of the bones often affect Vata’s, manifesting in conditions like bunions or scoliosis.

Extreme creativity characterises Vatas mental state, and they often have a resounding interest in studying philosophy, the arts and literature. They also often show an interest in spirituality and the esoteric and any other outlet that gives them the option of thinking outside of the box and accepted norms. Their heads are filled with millions of idea’s and they are known to speak very rapidly. Indecision and frequent change of mind is another identifying trait of Vata individuals.

Vata’s are prone to over analysis when it comes to ideas and situations. They exhibit a restless energy and are prone to bouts of anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness. If you identify with these traits the likelihood of you being a Vata is a strong one. Take note of the fact that you can be more predominantly Vata in your body or in your mind.