Certified Ayurveda Therapist Training Course

Train for one, two, or three-month modules to develop a rewarding job in skills in the field of Ayurveda

Ivac Ayurvedic Hospital India
Ivac Ayurvedic Hospital India

The training centre is located at the foot of Chamundi hills in Mysore. It is situated on twenty-five acres of sprawling natural beauty and panorama. We have created one of the finest facilities to train and deliver authentic Ayurveda treatments.

IVAC has been the first centre anywhere to develop a training program of international standards. Several of our trained therapists are now working in many countries abroad. Many people from overseas have taken training at our centre during the past ten years.

IVAC being the first ISO 9001 certified Ayurveda institution directed by Physicians of International repute is represented by both Ayurveda and Allopathic systems of medicine. The centre is ideally positioned to train Ayurveda Therapists and has developed a unique curriculum designed for success.

Institution And Its Vision:

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre is a private Limited company. Its vision is to bring Ayurveda to the forefront of the modern medicine to create the Integrated Global Medicine.The vision behind the concept of healthcare expressed at IVAC is created by Dr Talavane Krishna, M.D., Founder President and Managing Director, who has practised medicine in the UK, Canada and USA for over thirty years.

Our Medical Faculty:

  • Dr Talavane Krishna, M.D., F.F.R.A.C.S. (UK) – Practised Pediatric Anesthesiology for more than 25years in the UK, Canada and USA.
  • Dr U.K.Krishna, M.D. (Ayur), PhD – Director of Nippon Institute of Ayurveda, Tokyo, Author of many Ayurveda books in the Japanese language.
  • Dr Deepthi Niranjan, B.A.M.S – Senior Ayurveda Consultant, HOD of Therapy & Marketing Manager over 10 yrs of experience both in India and UK
  • Dr.Belaku, B.A.M.S – Has profound experience in practising for last 14 years in various renowned organisations namely Ayurvaid, Kerala Ayurveda, Taj Group, in house etc. She takes car of in-house patients at IVAC.

We have a well established center with all essential facilities available to cater the needs of the students. Moreover the students will be given job opportunity and guidance for their better career growth based on the man-power requirement.

Quality Maintenance:

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center believes in the quality of the service and is proud to be the first ISO certified Ayurveda Institution and operates under the strict guidelines of the Standardized Operating Procedure (SOP), involving the doctors in teaching the SOP to the therapists.

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre has many departments like Human Resources, Administration, Accounts and Finance, Marketing, House Keeping, Food and Nutrition, all working together with the Therapy Department which is our main strength.


  1. Informative brochure
  2. Syllabus for the training with application form

Career as an Ayurveda Therapist

Today more than ever before, people are recognizing the value of complementary holistic treatments such as Ayurvedic Massage Therapy in the achievement and maintenance of health and well-being. In the past five to ten years, Massage Therapists throughout the world have witnessed an explosive growth. Public interest in Massage Therapy both as an adjunctive and primary health care modality. The potential Massage Therapy clientele is expanding across all age groups and is recognized today as complementary health care by most healing modalities. .

There are many compelling reasons to become a Therapist

  • Flexibility in work schedule/hours
  • Work that is active and healthy
  • A career that is personally satisfying
  • Financially rewarding

Career Opportunities for Ayurvedic Massage Therapists

As we head into the future, career opportunities for Ayurvedic Massage Therapists continue to expand and evolve into a sophisticated and well-respected profession with a variety of specializations. Today there are more career opportunities for Ayurvedic Massage Therapy graduates than ever before. As a Certified Massage Therapist, you’ll have a multitude of career opportunities from which to choose. There is a growing trend towards self-employment or work under contract and therapists can specialize in certain areas that suit their lifestyle, their needs and the needs of their clients.

Welcome to IVAC in Mysore, Karnataka, India

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