The Use of Mantra and Ritual in Ayurveda – Part Two

In a continuation of our blog post on the usage of Mantras in the science and practice of Ayurveda, this blog post focuses on some of the different types of Ayurvedic healing that are performed using Mantra, along with some of the traditional different types of Mantras that feature within the science of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatments using Mantras and the practice of Ayurvedic healing through the usage of mantras is an ancient and time honoured tradition. In Sanskrit, the word Mantra means; through constant repetition, one will obtain the desired result. Another synonym is Japa Chikitsa which means treatments through Mantra Chikitsa, which is an inherent ancient Vedic tradition used in Ayurveda as a means of treating or addressing an illness or disease at its Karmic source or root. An individual’s predestined path may well be to manifest some diseases or afflictions and go through sufferings

Japa, by definition, is the ancient age-old practice of repeating a mantra of the name of a deity. The repetition is either recited out loud or silently. The Sanskrit root word from which Japa is derived is Jap – meaning to quietly or internally repeat.

As mentioned before there are various different types or kinds of Mantras, we will be focusing on those used most in Ayurvedic healing, the first of which are known as Beeja Mantras. It is an established fact within the science of Ayurveda that there are various sounds that resonate and relate to the different Chakras within the body, sounds such as Vam, Lam, Yam, Ham and so forth.

There are various organs of the body that are governed by the various Chakras. Depending on which organ is affected and on which one of the Chakras is out of balance when chanted Beeja Mantras help to balance the frequencies between the Chakra and the affected organ, which in turn helps to speed up the healing process.

Another set of Mantras used extensively in Ayurvedic healing are the planetary or astrological mantras, these mantras or prayers are Sanskrit phrases set out in the manner of short verse,s that are repeatedly chanted to pacify or nullify any malefic effects of a particular planetary body. Perhaps because of the fact that they appear rather devotional, one may think that they work because of the faith of the person practising them. This is, however, not the case. It is essentially due to the effect of the vibrational sounds on the human nervous system that causes a positive and curative effect on the disease or affliction.

Another aspect of Ayurvedic healing with mantra is through the worship of different deities:

Of all the discoveries uncovered by the ancient seers of the Vedic times, this was one of the most fascinating. The seers came to realise that the universe and all of the animate and inanimate contained within it as a gargantuan living entity. They further identified that various different functionalities were controlled by numerous frequencies that it later gave shape, form and figures too, as various deities, so that it was easier to concentrate on whilst reciting the different Mantras and verses that were affiliated with that frequency.

This (over a period of millennia) lead to the worship of these particular deities to obtain specific results. These practices lead to the dilution or complete erasing of any Karmic imprint residing on one’s soul by taking the soul nearer and nearer to complete Karmic liberation and surrender.
One must remember that so long as there is a mind, there is also a body, and wherever there is a body, there is the possibility and potential for disease and afflictions.

Hence the main goal of Mantra Chikitsa is to have a profound effect on the soul and set it on the path of liberation and relief once and for all from all forms of suffering.

Here at our Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, we once again bring life to this ancient knowledge and wisdom. The healing tradition is both intricate and complex and requires expertise and an in-depth knowledge to advise on the correct Mantra’s for an individual


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