mantra 1210x423 - The Use of Mantra and Ritual in Ayurveda - Part One

This Blog post discusses and deals specifically with the use of Mantras within the science of Ayurvedic treatments and healing. Ayurvedic treatment using Yajnya/Yaga/Homa – these three words are synonyms and are interchangeable throughout the post.

Yajnyas of yagyas were prescribed by the ancient sages as a highly important aspect of the Ayurvedic science of healing and curative treatments. These Vedic Mantras and rituals, when performed as a type of healing are always performed by specially trained Purohits/Priests, who have been trained from an early age in the recitation of Sanskrit mantras.

The remarkable positive effects on overall well-being and health caused by chanting Sanskrit Mantras has now been confirmed by modern research. The Rishis actually engineered the language of Sanskrit in order to balance and purify one’s body, mind and the surrounding environment.

Besides the mantras of the Vedic yayas, specific rituals (known as Pujas) are also performed, doing so to awaken each underlying aspect of intelligence that underlies the universe. These subtle laws of nature have been even been acknowledged by modern-day physics. Discovered through observation thousands of years ago, the sages and seers named them Devatas – which means various frequencies.  Generally, after the performance of these special rituals, along with the chanting, the yajnya fire is lit in a beautiful ceremony,

Fire is the vehicle of yajnya, besides the medicinal value of fire and also, in this case, special woods and fragrant substances are offered to the yajnya fire, the quality of fire is the transformative energy that is animating the entire creation. By offering the sound and substances to the fire; the fire resonates and transmits this to the subtle matter and through subtle energy and also the special intention (or Sankalpa in Sanskrit) of the yajnya that will be supported.

Within the science of Ayurveda, when an affliction or disease is not responding to any other treatment or curative measures, then the Charaka Samhita, the most ancient of all the Ayurvedic texts, advises that the physician has yajnyas performed.  A sense of deep healing and remarkable peace are often if not always then reported by the patient

We have a team of expert priests here at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, who are able to perform the rituals, and who can arrange to perform a wide variety of specialized yajnyas based around your needs. Of the many yajnyas that can be performed, we have listed some of them.

One of these rituals is Mahaganapathi Homa, it is performed to remove any difficulties we are presently facing, be they in our physical, mental or emotional, this is done to also enhance the natural flow of our lives. Related to our root energy, Ganesha is the aspect of our physiology that allows achievement of our desires and to have spiritual and worldly success.

For all these activities to succeed one should honour this quality of Ganesha. The Mahaganapathi haven is performed to ward off any obstacles at the beginning of any new venture. During this Yajnya a special Mantra is repeatedly chanted that comes from the Rig Veda text. It has a profound effect on the healing of disease and bringing purity to the mind and heart.

It is often performed for chronic and incurable diseases to bring relief to the condition. In conjunction with Ayurvedic treatments such as Panchakarma, this yajnya can speed up the recovery process considerably

A variety of different Homas/Yajnya can be arranged and performed at our lush and beautiful campus in true Vedic tradition on request by our expert priests.