vishama agni 800x423 - The Second Searing Flame Of Agni

As we mentioned in our earlier blog posts, there are particular qualities by which we can now primarily associate with your prominent doshic digestion. All of our doshic constitutions guarantee that we are all prone and susceptible to myriad and various specific digestive imbalances, hence within the sphere of Ayurvedic science, they are the physical and mental symptoms of an imbalanced agni and are classified as such:

Gas, trapped wind and bloating which are all part of Vishama Agni meaning that there is excessive amount of Vata in one’s digestive fire, creating the aforementioned issues. Those with vishama agni may have many of symptoms of Vata, in so much as their digestive system are irregular, just like the Vata wind.

Some days they seem to experience never-ending appetites, whilst on other days they just aren’t hungry at all and consume next to nothing. Similarly, their digestive fire is weak and cold, leaving them suffering from extreme bloating after meals.

The formation of gas in their colons occurs, regularly and they are often prone to suffer from extreme constipation. Mentally, they often may experience Vata induced side effects such as anxiety, overanalyzing, insecurity, and dreaded insomnia.

This dry and cold digestive fire can lead to Vata imbalances occurring within the body, which include dry skin, back pain, cracking joints, and various other Vata side effects. Hence it is important that they warm up and in so doing lubricate their digestive fires to regain a balanced agni.

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