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The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2)

Energising Ether

Etheric Energy or space is the next element we are going to discuss in our food sources. People often have a problem telling the difference between air and ether, as they have similar qualities, however, there is most certainly a difference between the two, collectively, they combine to form Vata.

Essentially, when we talk about air element foods, we are talking about the air created inside the body, when we talk about ether element foods, we are talking about the interaction with what occurs externally or outside of the body. 

While air surrounds and exists everywhere around us, ether is located above us. So you’re probably wondering..how does one then connect the ether? The easiest way to come to grips with it is to consider ether as something greater than oneself. For example, and I always find this the easiest way to explain ether element foods as it comes from personal experience.

One particular day, after an arduous bus trip of 4 hours or so in the blazing sun, I finally reached my destination, irritated, dehydrated, hot and bothered.

I immediately went to find something to quench my thirst, just around the corner was a fresh juice shop, the kind where everything is literally put raw through a juicer while you watch, an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables ( and a huge piece of ginger) were juiced for me

Green Juice
The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2) 6

The moment I had finished that juice, my fatigue had vanished, my thirst was quenched, and I could literally feel my entire body humming with energy, every cell tingling with a charge from the nutrient dense juice. That is ether element energy.

In the same vein, if you have ever fasted, undergone Panchakarma or done a self cleanse that left you feeling so well it was practically an out of body experience, that was the element of Ether you were connected to. 

While Air Element foods pertain to weight loss, the creation of gasses within the body, the sense of movement and a variety of other internal processes, Ether element foods are directly linked to creativeness, mental clarity, awareness and stimulation. They also stimulated consciousness and your connection to your higher self.

Ether Rich Foods 2
The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2) 7

Fasting is also a particularly easy way to connect and feel the vibrations of ether element energy. Fasting means not eating for a certain time, some fasts are intermittent, and only involve a few hours without food, or for a few days even.

There are people who perform water fasts for weeks, and although the body can go for extended periods without food, Ayurveda doesn’t recommend this way of fasting.

An intense Ayurvedic fast can be done with Ghee and Warm water only ( Ghee is packed with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. It’s nutrient-dense and has marvellous antioxidant properties. It is essentially an extremely potent superfood). 

Ghee 1500X1000 1
The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2) 8

Yogis, Guru’s and meditators across the globe will often fast for a period of time in order to connect to Ether Element Energy and their higher selves. Giving yourself a break from eating allows you to become less grounded to your physical body and more in touch with the universal consciousness. 

Fasting For Ether And Energy

Whilst fasting, you don’t spend time wondering about your next meal, and you aren’t overly concerned with hunger (no boredom or stress eating either), this will often intensify your meditation sessions as all of the energy that your body normally has to use for digestion is directed internally towards your higher chakras.

People often report having much clearer thoughts and intuitions during or directly after a fast.

People who are predominantly Kapha dosha should generally try to fast for one day of the week, as they are the doshic type that has the most extra energy, and their bodies can handle it.  It also allows their bodies a break to flush out any stored toxins, generally, a Kapha fast will include only herbal teas and warm water during the day and a light broth at night.

Its also very helpful in stimulating creativity in Kapha types.

Pitta types should fast seasonally, as they don’t really do that well with fasting because of the fact that they really need a steady intake of food, but a seasonal fast will help to get rid of any accumulated ama ( toxic matter) and kickstart their systems.

Vata types are generally so light naturally, that fasting is not really recommended for them. It can often make them feel too light headed and leave them feeling weak.

The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2) 9

So both foods and fasting can connect you to Ether Element Energy. As with everything in life, there are both positive and negative foods and substances that can create the experience of connecting with the Ether Element. 

Foods that are dense in ether element energy will make you feel energised, elevated and give you and almost out of body feeling, with all of your cells humming and vibrating, many superfoods, freshly juiced greens, coffee and organic sprouted greens can do this.

The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2) 10

Natural And Unnatural Ether Element Energy

Most of us have felt the lift a cup of coffee can bring to your day or the energy boost after a freshly made green juice or smoothie, that’s natural Ether element energy.

Unnatural occurring Ether Element energy is found in substances like alcohol, energy drinks and drugs.

Being intoxicated by any of these also created a feeling of being out of body, but it in no way connects you to your higher self and is not advantageous to your well being.


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