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The Indus Valley Foundation was founded as a non-profit organisation whose aim was to empower and train rural and tribal youths who were often seen as marginalised school dropouts.

India is one of the countries with millions of these youths, forgotten and underprivileged, all of whom have the need to be empowered and uplifted.
The Indus Valley Foundation is a dedicated training programme focusing on the training and development of such youths, in order for them to contribute to and work in the wellness industry.

The health and wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India (with over 22% annual growth) and is deemed a priority sector under the new guidelines of the “Make in India” project, yet is still desperately staggering under shortage of manpower.

Pioneered by the Indus Valley Foundation, we have developed a twelve-month training program, which includes six months of internship and a certification upon completion

To date, this immensely successful initiative has trained and empowered hundreds of these maligned and forgotten youths and placed them in numerous spas, wellness centres and resorts across the Indian sub-continent and abroad. Many of our alumni and graduates have gone on to become entrepreneurs or travelled overseas and founded their own wellness centres and trained others in turn.

As an essential component of the training programme, students partake in and undergo an intensive training regime in personality development and communication skills in English. Coupled with this are basic to intermediate computer literacy skills.

The success rate of the program has been astounding, allowing us to pursue the intention to duplicate and expand it to other districts and states across India.

According to the current statistics published by the Indian Labour Department, by 2022 the country will need in excess of over one million trained therapists, which is a vast amount, yet totally feasible and achievable through programs like the foundation.

The Indus Valley Foundation receives its funding through the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (also known as IVAC), along with private donors and sponsors, the funding is used to train youths aged 15 years and above as Yogis, Ayurvedic Masseuses, Ayurveda Therapists and Ayurveda cooks, thus empowering them to enter the wellness industry with a certified qualification.

There will always be a need for additional funding to provide education and training to the vast number of youths across India. The funding is used to invest in and introduce technology to the training programme, develop skills testing, and continue and maintain the skills set of graduates to meet a global standard.

For further information as to the cost of training, please refer to our webpage.

Namaste, one and all.