sama agni 800x423 - The Four Flaming Fires Of Agni

Our next four blog posts will deal with the four different types of Agni or digestive fire.

Today we will be discussing Sama Agni.

Sama Agni Or The Perfectly Balanced Digestive System.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog posts, there are particular qualities by which we can now prominently associate with your doshic digestion.

This, within our doshic constitution, guarantees that we are all susceptible to various and specific digestive imbalances, namely they fall under the jurisdiction of the science of Ayurveda, They are the physical and mental symptoms of an imbalanced agni and are classified as such:

Sama agni or balanced agni. Sama agni means that the digestive fire or agni is completely in balance with no pressing issues. Those lucky ones who have achieved balance will have a sama agni.

After they have consumed a meal, they feel energised and ready to hit the ground running, so to speak. They are neither stuffed or exhausted. They can even consomme non-seasonal ingredients or not adhere to food combining rules and suffer no ill consequences.

They seem to exhibit strong immune systems and totally gather the nutrients from the food that they consume, whatever they may be.

With stable and regular appetites they are often hungry at meal times yet they exhibit the ability to stop eating once they have consumed enough and are full. In terms of mentality, they display traits that are peaceful, loving and vibrant. These are some of the many benefits of a healthily balanced digestive system.