bio fuel - The Biobassador….Healing the Body And The Planet, One Drop At An Time!

Turning Ayurvedic Waste Oil into Fuel

The Indus Valley Foundation has always been a firm supporter of environmental sustainability and is always looking for new ways to help reduce the damage done to the planet and provide a brighter, greener future for generations to come.  

From our youth upliftment training programme to the protection and propagation of our sacred sandalwood trees, The Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre has always been focused on a sustainable future.

Nowadays, we are supporting an initiative to transform the vast amounts of excess waste oil ( and, if you imagine our treatment procedures,  you can begin to understand how much oil we use each month from The Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre) into Biodiesel.

So, not only do our treatments bring about healing, harmony and bliss, but we also have the additional reward of seeing all of our excess waste oil recycled into a sustainable fuel source.

The pilot vehicle behind this lovely project is an HM Ambassador car, which is powered one hundred percent by the Biodiesel manufactured and produced from our treatments. To date, she has done over 5000 kilometres and is still going strong.

Attached is a photo of the waste oil having been transformed into Biodiesel and going into the tank of our test car. As it is an ambassador car which so many of our clients and visitors have become enamoured with and subsequently fallen in love, we have lovingly christened the old girl….. The Biobassador.