The Amazing Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation can work for everyone who is willing to devote some time to practice. For a beginner, a successful meditation is simply one that leaves you feeling tranquil and rested.

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Mediation Tools Include Mantras, Candles And Mudras.

Over the years, thousands of meditators have been studied to assess the benefits of meditation. The findings included changes in brain wave activity that indicated increased rest and relaxation; and a dramatic reduction in oxygen consumption, breath rate, and blood lactate levels. High lactate levels are associated with uneasiness and anxiety, and low levels with peace and calm. Their lactate levels (the meditators) were witnessed as some of the lowest ever measured and recorded in human beings.

Daily Long-term Benefits of Meditation

  • reduced anxiety
  • reductions in cardiovascular disease (The number one killer disease worldwide)
  • lower free radical activity
  • improved reaction time
  • improved memory and intelligence
  • improved perceptual acuity
  • increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • more restful sleep
  • reduced cigarette smoking and substance abuse
  • a greater sense of relaxation in the mind and body
  • increased ability to meet situations with freshness and insight
  • a greater sense of creativity and joy
  • a younger and softer facial expression
  • an improved body posture
Ivac Ayurvedic Hospital India
Meditation – The Mind / Body Effect

In the USA, a study conducted at UC San Francisco took 47 overweight women and divided them into two groups. One of the groups received training in “mindful eating” and also meditated for roughly 30 minutes a day. Over the period of four months, the women who meditated lost more than a pound of belly fat and showed a big decrease in their cortisol levels – directly linked to stress ) while the control group continued to gain weight.

People who regularly meditate look radiant, more youthful, and peaceful; they also tend to have slower heart rates and a lower stress level. They report feeling calmer and more focused. Do you really think you cannot find 20 minutes a day for this?

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