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Daana the Ancient act of Healing

Daana – Since ancient times the Vedic masters of old discovered that all of life’s discomfort, illness and disease stemmed from living a lifestyle, (whether consciously or unconsciously) in opposition and violation of the natural law of the universe.

The Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts of old give multiple guidelines on many things, from the construction of buildings to the practice of medicine, along with a great many other topics. Among some of the many medicinal Ayurvedic guidelines is the way of living life in accordance with the laws of nature, and by doing so preventing unhappiness and illness in one’s life, one of these guidelines is the practice of Daana, which is the act of practising selfless works of charity and the giving of donations of one’s time or possessions or finances.

The Ayurvedic texts are simple guidelines which are used in order to maintain a balance in one’s life. Diet, the knowledge of herbs and their uses and lifestyle and behaviour for each individual according to their unique mind-body type are all mapped out.

Within the science of Ayurveda, it is believed that one’s mental health and mental stress are considered to be the majority of causes for the root of many illnesses and diseases.

Plenty of our stress levels and many of our sleepless night’s stem from our worries relating to future or current levels of social, physical, financial and emotional security.

However, whenever we are able to find the ability to step out of our own stress and suffering enough to help another person with their’s we find that we are naturally filled with a sense of gladness and joy

Even something as small or seemingly insignificant as volunteering
to spend an hour each week serving soup in a community soup kitchen, that simple, single hour will really help one connect with our natural sense of goodness, and will bring about our natural inner sattvic shine and glow.

Along with changes in lifestyle and the preparation and eating of our food, Daana and the acts of selfless service are listed among some of the key methods of prevention and recovery from illness and disease within the science of Ayurveda.

So don’t hesitate at all, think today of someway that you can be of service. Within the spiritual Vedic tradition, the concept of service extends even to the way we take care of our plants and animals. The simple act of taking the time to water your plants can be considered a sattvic act of service.

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