Nothing brings us more joy than to see the magnificent healing that can be gifted by Ayurveda. Ayurveda has passed the test of time due to it’s vastness as a healing science and we are constantly getting reports from patients of how it has helped them so. If you have not experienced the beautiful healing of Ayurveda, we invite you to come soon too.

We still talk about our wonderful 3 days with you in march this year and hope to return before long.

JillSeptember 2014, Australia

I would have needed a peaceful time to write down my experience of IVAC. It was one of the best experiences of my life as of now and wish to have more of it. I still feel all fresh and rejuvenated despite having a hectic travel schedule post 15 days of treatment. The ambiance, calmness and serenity of being there is helping in my daily chores here. I feel much lighter, calmer and collected.  Health wise i feel really awesome i do miss the regular therapies :). I have been taking all the medicines on time and trying to control my diet. The breathlessness occasionally appears but not at all as severe as it used to be. I have realized the panchakarma treatment is a must every year minimum. The snehpana and virechana really has worked and done wonders to my system. It has acted perfectly in trying to keep me away from unhealthy food. I dont feel like eating junk and unhealthy food any longer. Though Snehpana and virechana seem a little difficult at that point in time but feeling the positive impact of it afterwords makes it worthwhile. I am really glad i decided impulsively to do this and would love to revisit ASAP. Thank you all for making that place feel like a home away from home and the personal care that each member puts in is very touching.

ChandraJuly 2014, Mumbai

I stayed at IVAC for two weeks to address a long term health problem. I found the main doctor at IVAC, Dr. Belaku, to be a really excellent Ayurvedic practitioner, in her diagnosis, in the daily treatment she planned, in being available (this is both during and after my stay there), and most importantly, in coming up with a long-term dietary regimen that was realistic in taking into account work and lifestyle, and so is something that I can actually follow after returning to normal life. The therapeutic treatments offered were not set in advance but idiosyncratic to my (and to each patient’s) condition, which was really nice.

AthithiJuly 2014, New Delhi

Well experienced consultants and masseurs, the overall experience is very good. We stayed on for 3 days. But the next time we paln to stay longer to get on with the total detox treatment.

JayaJune 2014, Bangalore

India offers a broad range of choices, from the wholly unacceptable to the sublime; some places of Ayurvedic treatments are as unfortunately seamy and unsanitary as to be truly scary. At the other end of the spectrum, deep in the realm of the sublime, the IVAC offers all traditional therapies of Ayurveda, with unsurpassed amenities and attention in detail. In fact at first glance, you could mistake IVAC for a small, world class spa or an intimate, recondite lodging for the elite. –  Chris Kilham is Author of many books on Yoga and natural health saya in his book “ Tales from the Medicine Trail”

Chris KilhamNovember 2010

No words of mine, can truly say how I feel about my stay at IVAC.Dr. Belaku (she’s only 5 foot but a GIANT of a Doctor.)and the Treatment TEAM were fab! It was common to see the Gen. Manager walking in the morning and eating the same food at dinner, as your were eating. Ms. Bhat: our Yoga Trainer, understood our ages and work with us at our level to get the best out of us. At the end of the month, I was amazed at my new ability. In short: I gave IVAC 30 days of my life, and IVAC gave me, years to my life.

MarkApril 2014, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia

I don’t feel shame to say, I was under major depression, hyper anxiety, severe back-ache due to car accident, Stubborn, freaked out, used to drink n smoke almost everyday. The first 7 days were too tough, I wanted to smoke and eat some spicy food. The 24/7 OM chanting. Each and everyone no matter from house keeping to Doctors who visits patients in their Greeted “Namaste”.  They not only showed great concern for all the patients, but they were also expert in their fields and loved what they were doing. That was the most satisfying and nourishing part of my stay. In addition, the facilities and setting were all first class, including my room, the grounds, the food, the serenity, and the view. All of this contributed to the feeling of physical and spiritual well being I left with and have tried to keep with me by utilizing all the tools that I was taught there. 

I recommend IVAC to everyone. I have been to many such places over the years, but I can honestly say that none compare to this. I plan on returning every year. Treatments are decided on at your initial doctor’s consultation; they are many and various depending on what you’ve come for. The massage treatments are just fabulous and the therapists are excellent. On top of that, the yoga instructor was extremely tolerant of a complete and utter novice and made me look forward to each session.

It was my fourth trip and this one was for my parents for them to know heavenly a place can be .. and continue to visit again and again. Today I am as confident as I have started living my life for GOOD.

Deepak TolaniSeptember 2013, United Kingdom

Upon my return, my family was very happy to see me more relaxed and with a clearer complexion. I am trying hard to keep up with the diet restrictions. I have been taking the medications on time and applying the face pack. Also, staying away from sweets was rough, but i am controlling and taking very little to reduce the cravings.

Amrita GuptaNovember 2010, India

Excellent ambience, service & staff. The staff & doctors in particular are very friendly and helpful. Excellent property with a very friendly staff. The food was great and clean. Well maintained rooms.

Anil JhangianiSeptember 2010, India

To all the staff at IVAC, Thank you so much for all the loving care and attention and the hard work that went into making my stay at IVAC so wonderful. I have truly had an amazing healing experience! I feel blessed to have spent a whole month here and to have met such lovely people. It is each and every one of you who made my time here such an enjoyable experience. I will never forget my stay here and I do hope to return again at some point in the future. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to you all, and for the lovely gift and card which I will cherish. I do hope to see you all again in my next visit. Best wishes and lots of love.

Becky GarnerJuly 2010, Great Britain

I felt happy about the exceptional training that you have given to the therapists. Everyone in your team has fantastic attitude and for me this was an amazing experience. I shall make IVAC part of my annual calendar. My suggestion? Just keep it up; you have the heart in the right place.

Nandini VaidyanathanJanuary 2010, India

I want to thank you again for the cure and the time I spent with you early January of this year. Today it is like a miracle. Suddenly one month ago, and having followed your advices on food and lifestyle, I noticed a change in my system. It had already started to improve when I left your centre and it was getting better everyday until I noticed one day that I started to forget to take all the medication that the Belgian Doctors had been advising me to take for a number of years. All the problems have vanished now and today I am not taking any medicine. Neither for my diabetes problem that seems to have vanished or for my cholesterol problem that also seems to have vanished. Also my erection problem is in the process of being solved. To tell you honestly I still cannot believe this as I feel great and it is like feeling reborn. My mental attitudes have also rejuvenated and I sense a lot of energy is back in my body and brain. It is like enthusiasm and pleasure of doing things have flowed back to body and brain. I have also continued my diet and have now dropped my weight to 83 kg which seems to be OK. In terms of food I am following your advices and it seems to be working pretty well.

Christian DelvigneJanuary 2010, Belgium

I felt happy about my training program. Very smart skilled teacher and all the staff, Thanks.

Zuzana PenjakovaDecember 2009, Czech Republic

I felt happy about the way doctor explained the treatment to me, which was executed very well. All the other staff took a lot of interest, to make me comfortable and enjoy my stay. I thank all of you and look forward to my next visit.

Geeta ReddyJanuary 2009, Bangalore


Sheilagh HenryJanuary 2009, UK

This is my third visit to IVAC. Looking forward to come back again.

May RamzeyerJanuary 2009, USA

I felt happy about opting for IVAC amongst other Ayurveda centers. A truly blissful atmosphere amongst truly friendly staff and leaving with the feeling “Healing indeed promoted with kindness and love”. Would definitely recommend.

Regina PrakashanSeptember 2008

I felt happy about the personal treatment provided by the staff. Their friendliness and kindness makes you feel at home.

Leela Prasad PamidimukkalaJuly 2008, India

I felt happy about the attention by everyone especially both doctors, the front office manager, the yoga instructor and all the masseurs. I have never had such wonderful Ayurvedic Treatment before! Thank you all for your kindness & attention.

Mrs. Suzanne PalmerJune 2008, Australia

The ambience of the place, infrastructure, for therapy and availability of doctors in the campus is excellent.

Madhu K. lyengarMay 2008, India

Every time I get here I learn something new about myself, life, Ayurveda and spirituality. Thank you, to all of you for being there and for giving Ayurveda Life in such a profound and serious way. It’s very high quality place.

Ulla JensenMay 2008, Denmark

I felt happy about the center as a whole. Everyone is very cheerful and happy. It was a great place to spend a week. I really enjoyed my stay.

Richard KlineMarch 2008, USA

Wonderful, friendly staff. Appreciate their politeness. Beautiful pool + gardens. Peaceful setting.

Breada RossJanuary 2008, Canada

I felt happy about coming back again to IVAC & see the smiling friendly faces again. A Guest relation was very helpful organising cooking classes and astrology this time which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Natalie AistropeNovember 2007, UK

I wish to come back to IVAC with my family and my future husband in my wedding and honeymoon. IVAC is the wonderful oasis not only in India BUT ALSO IN THE WORLD!! Thanks you very much for everything that IVAC gave us. I hope to see you all.

Momoyo YamaguchiSeptember 2007, Japan

I felt happy about the whole environment. It is a peaceful place where one can learn the best things in life is happiness is health. Thank you Dr. Krishna for creating a place hidden in the jungles of India.

Lucia De GarciaAugust 2007, USA

I appreciate the care and the concern of all the staff members. Their politeness and smiling faces has left a very good impression on me and I hope to keep my contact with IVAC in the future.

Leela SuriAugust 2007, Bombay

I felt happy about the stay in the Aadarasahita Vaatavaranam. May the Devi shower blessings on the place, to continue its work, under whose Chaaya it stands. Wishing a good progress.

Subhadra DeviAugust 2007, Bangalore

I had a lot of fun and my health too has improved and enjoyed playing carom board. This place is great

Ms. Veda MekhaniFebruary 2004, Singapore

During the full body massage, the ladies made me feel like a princess. They were excellent.

Mr. & Mrs. SathyamurthyDecember 2003, Bangalore

My children think I look twenty years younger and I am looking and feeling wonderful in Body, Mind and Soul.

Bernadette BlackwellOctober 2003, Travel Consultant , Australia

Very kind, attentive staff, wonderful atmosphere.

Ms. Mina ParkOctober 2003, New York, USA

It was truly a delight to visit and to be treated so well like Royalty.

Ms.Anne CochranJuly 2003, Canada

Thank you for a pleasurable and memorable experience. I will recommend it to everyone.

Ms.Tracy WestApril 2003, England

I found there was a real Ayurvedic center, IVAC, in Mysore. It is not commercialized but genuine. It was a wonderful experience, which gave me poser and youth. The facilities are of international standards and one feels very safe in a family environment. There is a presence of softness, purity and care in the people, the treatments and the facilities.

Ms.Cheiko MatsuiMarch 2003, Japan

Thank you all very much for a comfortable stay!!! For the first time I have experienced Ayurvedic Treatments and after a two week stay I feel very different.

Alessandra WallbelMarch 2003, Switzerland

Everything from beginning to end was excellent. The treatments made us feel totally rejuvenated. Keep up the good work!

Sandhya & Malthi ShahFebruary 2003, Web Developers, Middle Sex, UK

The Hospitality Staff was excellent. It was worth coming down all the way here. My stay here helped me a lot to overcome my health problems.

Abdul & Reem Al - BaharaniaDecember 2002, Bahrain, UAE

A thoroughly enriching experience, with a supremely polished and professional staff that knocks the spots off my Kerala encounters. An unequivocally wholehearted five star recommendation.

David LindeNovember 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ayurvedic Treatments here are excellent. The staffs are highly committed and very responsive. We would rate this place as the finest place available for Ayurveda.

Mr & Mrs. ChatwalSeptember 2002, UK

IVAC staffs are excellent. They go about their work greatly, politely and with responsibility.

Mr. D. P. SinhaJuly 2002, Noida

All IVAC staff gave us good service. The rooms and treatments are very good. I wish IVAC becomes more popular around the world.

Mrs.KamalammaJuly 2002, Mysore

I had a lovely peaceful stay here. The next time I come to IVAC I will definitely bring my family.

Janet Glaush - ResearcherMay 2002, Germany

Lovely center with world class treatments, staff was very friendly and does their work with love and care.

Ms. NatalieMarch 2002, Canada

All staff were very attentive and excellent.

Ms.Kelly JohnsonMarch 2002, Kentucky, USA

Overall an absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. The entire staff was wonderful all the time! Thanks so much for everything!!!

Pamela GristJanuary 2002, Travel Writer, Dubai, UAE

Overall it was great; the attitude of the staff made my stay the best. Thanks IVAC for bringing me inner peace and harmony. I lost 18 kgs in a month

Mr. Aman Bhalla, Field Support – MBE & Professional Rubgy PlayerUSA, November 2001

I came here limping but now I am able to walk briskly. The facilities at IVAC are excellent and not only doe’s one get well here; he also learns a lot from the healing hands and nimble fingers of the therapists.

Dr. Raj KumarNovember 2001, Famous Kannada Actor, India

I was very happy during my stay here. The entire staff was very helpful.

Margarette HiltonNovember 2001, London

I have enjoyed all the treatments, masseurs are very well trained and this is one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Mrs.Uma Oberoi,October 2001, Jeddah

The experience was positive and interesting for all of us. The staff is of the highest possible caliber.

Dr.Andrew WeilJune 2001, USA

We enjoyed our 7 days stay at IVAC. I thank for all your kindness. We will come again! Good Luck.

Ms. Hatsumi, Ms. Atsuko, Ms. KeikoMarch 2001, Tokya, Japan

I cannot find words to express the extra- ordinary treatment, care and concern shown by IVAC. Thank you again.

Mr. SwamyJanuary 2001, USA

I have never felt so wonderful before. On my Birthday, I was a picture of health. I never thought that I would loose so much weight over such a short period of time. The entire teams made me feel great.

Joan HoldhamDecember 2000, Nurse, Britain

I would like to recognize several senior members of the therapy staff i.e. Shankar, Shashidhar, Shashi Urs and Raju, displayed superb body work, skills and healing intend. I have had their expertise greatly while going through Panchakarma here at IVAC.

Mr.Vance & Ms.ZoeNovember 2000, USA

We loved our stay and we will be back. Outstanding staff and service.

Mrs. MelindaFebruary 2000, Australia

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