Go Green with Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre

IVAC is proud to announce our sustainable initiative called “Go Green”. As part of this project we are using 100% certified herbal pesticide to control pests in around our buildings. It has a nice lingering fragrance and is totally harmless to humans and is biodegradable. Our herbal pesticides are supplied by Osolin, one of the pioneers in India in this field with decades of experience.

For plants and trees we are using a nutritive bio-pesticide. We only use organic manure to all our plants and trees. We also use a Vedic formula called Jeevamrita which is based on eternal Vedic wisdom of Rishikrshi. This is a simple formula with 100% natural products that improves soil fertility and plant immunity naturally.

We are currently working on growing organic vegetables and various organic products.

Our future plans are to go for recycling of water, rain water harvesting, to be self sufficient with the alternative sources of energy, planting thousands of trees, eco-friendly constructions.

We request all our guests to be a part of this mission. Please register your name in the book with your comments and receive a certificate from IVAC as a privileged guest of IVAC who will be a permanent member of the “GO GREEN INITIATIVES”

Sandalwood Trees at IVAC

“Oh my child, to thy survival, unto you I give my land”


The sandalwood oil is the only essential oil, which works on all the chakras (Spiritual centres) and opens up the spiritual channels.

Sandalwood grown in its natural habitat contains the highest potency. Mysore is one such place. Historically Mysore is famous for its sandalwood oil, soap incense and various sandalwood carvings and handicrafts. Mysore has the perfect soil and weather conditions for this tree.

The governmental policies over the years, poaching and corruption have made the sandal wood in Karnataka and elsewhere in India an endangered species. Acknowledging this situation, the draconian policies have been recently relaxed and new plantings and cultivation has started across the state. Hopefully, in another thirty years, we will be able to remove it from the list of endangered species.

In spite of the past regulations, IVAC had taken a bold step to preserve the species. Sandalwood grows on this land naturally without any special care. The tree is a semi-parasite and likes the friendship of other trees nearby. The tree gets propagated by bird’s droppings. The sandalwood fruit is a delight for the birds. IVAC has preserved thousands of this precious plant. Our guests and visitors are usually in awe to see so many sandalwood trees on the IVAC property. It takes 25-40 years for a Sandalwood tree to mature. Even the soil around the root is known to contain the oil!!! According to Vaastu Shastra the land where this tree naturally grows is very auspicious for the spiritual practice.

In all Vedic rituals sandalwood paste is a must. wood is used for carvings and extraction of oil. The powder is used in many Ayurvedic preparations and cosmetics. The young leaves along with yoghurt are used in a delightful recipe called Tambuli in local language. The oil, which is very expensive, is used in perfume industry. The wood is also used in Yagyas.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Lord Buddha:

Dear boy, where is my old bed sheet?


My Lord, I have put a new one because the old one was torn and had many holes in it.

Lord Buddha:

What did you do with the old sheet?


My Lord, I have stitched all the holes and other staffs are using it.

Lord Buddha:

What did you do with the other older sheets they were using?


My Lord, they were too old and had too many holes and could not be stitched and I cut them into small pieces and are being used to dry the dishes and clean the floors.

Lord Buddha:

What happened to those older pieces you were using?


My Lord, they were so used up and could not be used for cleaning, so I put them into the manure pit.

Lord Buddha:

What are you doing with that manure?


My Lord, I have fed the manure to our plants and trees and to our cotton plants. This year we are having a bumper crop of cotton and I think we could make more sheets this year than the last year.

Lord Buddha:

Mother Nature is very kind. She gives you more than you give her.

Turning Waste Ayurvedic Oil into Fuel

We have been supporting an initiative to convert waste oil from IVAC (you can imagine how much oil we use each month) into Biodiesel. Not only do our treatments bring healing and bliss but we get the added reward of seeing the oils get recycled into a sustainable fuel source. Our pilot is with a HM Ambassador car that has been powered 100% on Biodiesel from used treatment oil and is going 5000km and going strong.

This is a photo of our waste oil having been converted to Biodiesel going into the tank of the test car. As it is an Ambassador car which many visitors to India become enamoured with we lovingly call the project The Biobassador.

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