Student Testimonials


IVAC Student Testimonials

I felt happy about the exceptional training that you have given to the therapists. Everyone in your team has a fantastic attitude and for me, this was an amazing experience. I shall make IVAC part of my annual calendar.
Mrs Nandini Vaidyanathan – India.

The experience was positive and interesting for all of us. The staff is of the highest possible calibre.

Dr.Andrew Weil – USA

IVAC staffs are excellent. They go about their work greatly, politely and with responsibility.
Mr.D.P.Sinha – Noida

I have enjoyed all the treatments, masseurs are very well trained and this is one of the best experiences I have ever had.
Mrs.Uma Oberoi – Jeddah

I felt happy about the attention by everyone especially both doctors, all the masseurs, the yoga instructor and the front office manager. I have never had such wonderful Ayurvedic Treatment before! Thank you all for your kindness & attention.
Mrs.Suzanne Palmer – Australia

Welcome to IVAC in Mysore, Karnataka, India

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