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Shirodhara – The Treatment Known As The Thread Of Bliss.

In the science of Ayurveda, there are known to be many healing and beneficial treatments. Of these various treatments, one of the most beneficial and well known is a treatment named Shirodhara, which is also known as the thread of bliss.

This ancient treatment ritual, amongst other things, facilitates the creation of a flawless rhythm which brings about a profoundly deep state of relaxation whilst allowing one to be fully aware and which guides one into a highly peaceful state of consciousness.

Deceptively simple in practice, this age-old technique involves running an exceptionally thin stream of warmed herbalised oil, ghee, milk or (in some cases) buttermilk onto the middle of the person’s forehead. This technique is known to have a recharging and revitalising effect on the body, and brings about a sense of clarity within the mind, creating a place of peace and quiet which allows or offers us a space within which to experience our true selves.

The entire process is known to provide gentle nourishment and a sense of balance to AJNA, the sixth chakra, and for its removal of any spiritual hindrances or obstructions that are affecting this chakra.

The best results for this treatment come about when it is given along with a session of Abhyanga (Abhyanga is a four-handed massage, performed by two Ayurvedic therapists). This synchronized, full-body massage that performed by the two therapists is thought to be representative of the four armed, compassionate Hindu goddess of health and is done by having the body anointed with medicated essential oils which purify and nurture all the dhatus (or bodily tissues) of all of the massage techniques there are none that can be compared to Abhyanga, in Ayurveda or any of the other healing traditions.

When it comes to the reduction of nervous tension and stress, Shirodhara is one of the most highly effective treatments. It works through Pran Vayu, Tarpak Kapha and Sadhak Pitta. The induction of sleep and the development of a tranquillizing effect are created by the continuous pouring of warmed oil over the forehead for a specific period of time.

As confirmed by modern medicine, in the process of Shirodhara, the local application of an ointment or tincture passes directly through the body’s stratum corneum and into the blood vessel whereby it reaches the appropriately designated organ.

According to the Ayurvedic texts, Bhrajak Pitta and Tarpak Kapha are two of the basic factors that are responsible for the nourishment and condition of the body’s hairs, meaning that Shirodhara plays a role in the increase of the levels of neurotransmitters that provide a sense of relief when it comes to anxiety and thereby decrease the body’s hair falling out.

Shirodhara also leads to heightened relaxation of the neck muscles and the muscles that support the head, meaning an increase in blood supply to the head, which in turn encourages new hair follicle growth and improves the quality of the body’s hair.

It has also been shown that the continuous pouring of oil that has been herbally infused in the process of Shirodhara induces our hormonal balance and by doing so, increases the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), creating a new feeling of refreshment.


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