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Repressed Emotions

Did you know that repressed emotions are toxic? In Ayurveda, we are aware that emotional factors are also responsible for the creation of toxins within the body. For example, repressed anger completely changes the gallbladders flora, along with the flora in the small intestine and bile duct, this, in turn, aggravates Pitta dosha which causes patches of inflamed mucous membranes within the stomach and small intestines. Similarly, excessive amounts of anxiety and fear cause the flora in the large intestinal tract to become unbalanced, causing bloating from gas which becomes trapped in pockets and causes pain.

This pain is often misdiagnosed by conventional practitioners of conventional medicine as an issue with the liver or heart. Due to the ill-effects that come about because of suppression, Ayurveda advises never to repress emotions or bodily urges, indeed sneezing, passing wind and coughing should all be allowed to take place. Emotions that have been repressed create an imbalance of the Vata dosha which has an unbalancing effect on a persons Agni (digestive fire) and the auto-immune responses of the body.

When Agni is diminished immune reactions of an abnormal nature may occur. These reactions result in allergic reactions to certain substances, such as dust and dust mites, pollen, animal fur and the scent of flowers or perfumes. As allergic reactions are completely related to the immune responses of our bodies, people born with abnormal immune reactions are also often afflicted with various kinds of allergies.

An example of this could be a person born with a predominant Pitta constitution. People of this nature would have a natural sensitivity to spicy, hot foods which aggravate pitta. In addition, hypersensitivity to the foodstuffs that aggravate pitta may be caused by suppressed pitta emotions, such as anger and hate. Individuals who have Kappa constitutions are highly sensitive to foodstuffs that aggravate Kappa, in these individuals, Kappa foods like dairy products create reactions such as congestion, coughs and wheezing and flu-like symptoms.

Repressed Kappa emotions like greed and attachment will result in allergic reactions to Kappa foodstuffs in individuals. Within the sphere of Ayurveda, we learn that emotions ought to be observed with a sense of detachment before being allowed to dissipate. When we repress or suppress our emotions, that repression inevitably causes disturbances in the mind and ultimately in the functions of the body.

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