Panchakarma Regime in Ayurveda
Panchakarma is one of the most well known and documented aspects of the science of Ayurveda. It is one of the many reasons that people from across the globe specifically travel to India.

In Sanskrit, the word Panchakarma means “the five therapies”. It is a five-step completely immersive rejuvenating mind, body and soul experience. Panchakarma consists of a variety of treatments including a cleansing diet, oil massages with specific herbs, enemas, steam treatments, pulse diagnosis and a plethora of other practices which are designed to be toxin purifying.

The five therapeutic practices that comprise Panchakarma are the most potent detoxification treatments within the science of Ayurvedic medicine and cleanse all the channels within the body, purging them of all toxic elements that may lead to illnesses and disease later on. Not only does Panchakarma eliminate toxicity from the body, it also heals numerous illnesses and diseases, assists in the rebalancing of your Doshas, and leaves you with a restored and a heightened sense of inner peace, clarity and vitality.

Whilst the average Panchakarma regime is seven days, depending on the ailments and afflictions that are being treated, your Panchakarma doctor and practitioner may recommend a course of up to 21 days of full treatments, and much like western antibiotics, the entire course would need to be completed for the curative aspects to work completely and the illness or affliction to be cured.

When embarking on the immersive mind-body-soul experience that is a Panchakarma treatment regime one shouldn’t expect a traditional “Spa Holiday” with poolside cocktails and delicate foot massages. Whilst massage is an essential part of Panchakarma, a treatment programme should be viewed as exactly that, a dedicated medical program designed to address the specific conditions and ailments you are looking to treat and cure.

Internationally renown for its ability to treat and cure almost every illness and ailment, Panchakarma has been used to treat everything from slipped discs and heart disease to fibromyalgia and diabetes.

Panchakarma remains one of the most purifying things that you can accomplish for yourself and creates a sense of awareness of exactly how toxified you are, on both a physical and emotional level and how these toxins have been retained over the years, mostly without being aware of it.

Panchakarma should not be taken lightly, as even though there is very little physical activity involved in a treatment regime, your body is undergoing the process of releasing years of hidden toxins that it has stored, this is also one of the reasons that Panchakarma is recommended seasonally, with the seasonal shifts, new toxins accumulate within the body, seasonal Panchakarma treatments will help to keep your body free of toxins, and your Doshas balanced.