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Udvartana Treatment

1 Night 2 Days Ayurvedic Treatment Package

Udvartana is a cure in Ayurveda where specially prepared natural and organic paste or organic and natural powder is massaged over your body.

Udvartana can be an invigorating full-body restorative massage done in a rhythmic action using natural and organic powder or paste. This remedy is largely advised for diabetic neuropathy, {obesity|being overweight}, paralysis, skincare, sciatica and indigestion amongst others.

Udvartana is a cure predicated on powders made up of minerals, herbal products and medicinal kinds. Then, Udvartana therapeutic massage stimulates the metabolic rate. So, the utilization of powders, either dried out or applied after olive oil massage therapy, has a moderate dermis-abrasive effect, suitable for getting rid of impurities and dealing with spots and eruptions. So, its lively components donate to purify and trigger the metabolism of your skin and is particularly well suited for circulatory disorders, cellulite, water retention, obesity etc.

Basti Ayurvedic Treatments

2 Night 3 Days Ayurvedic Package

Basti Karma is broadly split into two types in line with the steadiness of the drugs Sneha Basti(Anuvasan) and Niruha Basti (Aasthaapana). In Sneha Basti/ Anuvasan Basti i.e. in this kind of medicated Engine oil/ Ghee, lipids are being used, word Anuvasan reveals “To remain”, the administrated medications stay inside for an extended duration, but nonetheless do not cause any untoward problem.

Basti works around the intestines, but its impact is so far-reaching and profound that simply phoning this technique an enema will not undertake it justice. Recall that as the major seating of vata in the GI tract, the bowel is crucial in keeping Vata well balanced in the complete body. Inside the periods of samprapti (Ayurvedic pathogenesis), vata first accumulates in the digestive tract, and then as it commences to “overflow”, it’ll disperse and create imbalanced Vata in other prone areas of the body. This systemic imbalanced vata make a difference nearly every system in the torso, as Vata is a required existence throughout your body; chances are to have an effect on the systems that have some weakness (a khavaigunya). Basti provides organic and natural detoxification and nourishment straight into the intestines and bowel, and never have to be digested by the belly and higher GI tract, as will be the circumstance with anything used by mouth. Medications distributed by enema generally treat Vata dosha, which is the key etiological element in the manifestation of diseases.

Ayurveda Greeva Basti

3 Night 4 Days Ayurvedic Package

The phrase Greeva Basti is from Sanskrit. The word Greeva identifies throat and Basti stands for container or keeping something inside. It is an Ayurvedic neck service and basically a hot olive oil therapy. Greeva Basti is bathing the throat region with medicated engine essential oil or freshly ready herbal decoction. The procedure loosen toxins and sudation across the neck region altogether. Because of present-day lifestyle that involves continuing and glued seated position and insufficient body movements the problems of the back, muscles and skeletal tissues of throat and shoulder happen. Greeva Basti addresses these issues effectively.

Hrid Basti

4 Night 5 Days Ayurvedic Package

Hrid Basti in Sanskrit identifies Hridaya, the heart and Basti, the container or retainer. That is also known as as Urobasti (Uro=chest and basti=keeping something inside). So Hrid Basti can be an oil bathroom on the heart. This suggests an Ayurvedic hot engine oil treatment where in fact the medicated hot engine oil preparation or newly prepared organic and natural decoction is poured above the center region. Hridaya, the heart is recognized as one among the trimarma (three vital areas) calculating about four hands (four anguli pramana), covering center, middle of sternum.

This process is bathing the heart region using warm medicated oils or herbal decoctions or medicated ghee depending on condition.

Ayurvedic Massage

5 Night 6 Days Ayurvedic Package

Abhyanga is a massage that’s done with warm oil. The oil is applied to the entire body, from the scalp to the soles of your feet. When combined with massage strokes, it promotes overall health and wellness. Abhyanga is normally recommended by an Ayurvedic Doctor for Stress Management and Detoxification.

Ayurvedic Patra Pinda Sweda Treatment

6 Night 7 Days Ayurvedic Package

Swedana (Loosening of toxins through herbal steam therapy). Abhyanga (Body rejuvenation through warm oil massage). Pizhichil (Muscular toning through oil bath). Shirodhara (Nervous destressing through a rhythmic flow of medicated oil on the forehead). Shirodhara is categorised as the ‘third eye-sight’ treatment, Shirodhara includes creating warm natural essential oil stations on the forehead, mind and mane. This treatment rejuvenates your system and brain by tranquillising the entire troubled system. Very perfect for Insomnia, sinusitis, unhappiness, migraine, cervical disorders, Shirodhara demonstrates to be always a great tranquilliser. Natural gas, coconut normal water, milk, ghee, dhanyamlam etc. would be the contents so you can get ready Dhara which treatment is an outstanding contribution of the rishi restorative science. Dhara has got the convenience to ready with different materials and in line with the change of might be found, the name of the Dhara also changes. The principal ingredient of every Dharas is medicated or natural petrol. It’ll take 14 days to complete a Dhara treatment course. Dhara can be an extremely traditional Ayurveda treatment system using mildly warm engine motor petrol, and it’s a means well known all over the world. There are many types of Dhara in Ayurveda and everything the Dhara’s are amazingly result-oriented and ensures curing of health issues. Dhara is definitely an important cure in Ayurveda and it includes sudden slumber from chronic head pain, insomnia, mental nervousness, hysteria, hallucination and insanity etc.

Chakra Basti Ayurvedic Treatments

7 Night 8 Days Ayurvedic Package

Laghu Abhyanga is offered as recommended by our Ayurvedic Doctors under a specific therapy regime that will be established during the consultation and before treatments commence. The therapy focuses on back pain, neck pain, lower back pain and joint pains throughout the body including feet and ankle pain. Our medicated oils/medicine works as a powerful local anti-inflammatory. If you have been taking pain killers for a long period of time this therapy would be ideal to replace and mitigate the use of pain-killers over a long term period

Rice Milk Treatment

14 Nights / 15 Days Ayurvedic Treatment Package

Udwarthana Treatment
It is a scrub and deep massage performed on the whole body with special medicinal powders. This massage is very effective for Kapha imbalances.
The movements are carried out in the opposite direction of the hairs so that makes it possible to open the hair pores and therefore better absorption of the active ingredients of the powder. The strokes are directed towards the heart so as to remove lymphatic toxins from the body.

Sharangdhar Ayurvedic Medicine

21 Night / 22 Days Ayurvedic Treatment Package

We are on the outskirts of Bangalore, in the State of Karnataka, situated on 13 acres of lush greenery with heritage conserved (18th and 19th century) Kerala cottages dotted about the property. I believe if you come here, the gentle magic of our centre will touch you, and you too will come to know that this is a place of true healing through authentic Ayurveda and Yoga, profoundly spiritual and very peaceful. Our highly qualified, experienced Ayurvedic doctor will first consult with you, diagnose your requirements and then create a specific treatment regime to address your needs. Many people come to us for a Panchkarma; an intensely healing full-body detoxification, most of our treatment regimes also use this fundamental detox as a foundation treatment to flush out bodily toxins thus further enhancing the effects of the specific prescribed treatments.

Abhyanga Full Body Ayurvedic Massage

29 Night / 30 Days Ayurvedic Treatment Package

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre is a relaxing haven nestled in the calm and green surroundings of the Chamundi hills, situated in the outskirts of the historic and cultural heritage city of Mysore, India. IVAC is the brainchild of Dr Krishna, a pediatric anesthesiologist and author who practised medicine in the USA, UK and Canada. Our guests come from over 65 countries worldwide, and we are the first Ayurveda centre to be accredited with ISO 9001:2015.

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