Ayurvedic Treatments for Obesity

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Obesity Is Now Classified As An Official Medical Disease.

The modern definition or excessive weight or obesity was medically classed as a disease that affects a considerable amount of the world’s population. 2013 was the year that obesity was classified as an official disease by the American Medical Association. Obesity or excessive weight gain can be defined as a medical disease or condition in cases where excessive amounts of body fat have accumulated in the body, surrounding the internal organs and bringing about a negative effect on the body’s overall state of health.

Obesity is measured and defined by the individual’s Body Mass Index. This is a measurement that is calculated and obtained by dividing an individual’s body weight by the square of their height, If the measurement is above 30 kilograms per M2, then by medical standards that person is classified as obese.

Obesity has been found to significantly reduce life expectancy in both adults and children, this is due to its link to and it’s association with various medical conditions and diseases. These include a variety of conditions, especially type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, depression and certain types of cancers.

Obesity in Conclusion

The beauty of Ayurvedic treatments for obesity and weight loss is that it produces weight loss without adversely affecting the physiology and does not cause physical side effects. A special herbal massage called as Udvartana prevents sagging of the skin as it gradually regains its elasticity and adjusts to the lost weight.

Whereas, other rapid weight loss programs with severe dietary restrictions and inadequate exercise programs or special massages have been known to be unsustainable in facilitating long-term weight loss. Most people regain the lost weight very soon and sometimes even gain additional weight.

Ayurveda, however, specializes in detoxification, this approach allows for the lost weight to stay off, as the accumulated toxins in the body that played a massive contributing factor in the weight gain and retention, have been removed from the body.