Obese 1200x423 - Obesity A Disease That Keeps Growing.

Obesity Becomes A Disease

In 2013 by the American Medical Association medically classed Obesity or excessive weight as an official disease 

Excessive Weight Is Now A Disease

How It’s Measured

A person’s excessive weight is first measured by using the Body Mass Index tool. First of all, this calculated by dividing an individual’s body weight by the square of their height. Hence if that substantial measurement is above 30 kilograms per square meter, then that person classifies as obese

The Negative Effect of Excessive Weight Gain

Storing large amounts of body fat around our internal organs also creates a huge negative impact on our health. Due to this, life expectancy excessive weight among adults and children storing excessive weight as a result around their organs drastically decreases.

Fat Surrounds Your Organs

Adults and children experience reduced life expectancy due to excessive weight. Furthermore, because its known for its link with other diseases and medical conditions, including type two diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, bad sleep habits, trouble breathing, depression and finally certain cancers.

What causes excessive Weight?

For most people, it’s a mixture of too much food and too little exercise. Most times both of these. There are a few cases where excess weight caused by other reasons, some medical. Furthermore, some medications have rapid weight gain as a possible side effect.

What Causes Non-Medical Reasons for Obesity And Excess.

Some other reasons for obesity are the availability of processed food sources. The overuse of motorised transport and the high level of ready meals and fast foods. These foods have a high sugar, salt and fat content. Likewise its also important to eat more dietary fibre and drink more water.

Obesity, Mortality And Preventative Measures

A Leading Cause of Death

Obesity is one of the leading causes of death worldwide that could otherwise prevented as a result, Its listed among the top five causes after smoking. Above all, it keeps rising which affects both adults and children.

Treating obesity and excessive weight gain are mostly preventable. Mainly through social changes and personal choices. Certainly, changes to one’s diet and more exercise produce the best results..

Ayurveda’s Unique Approach to Obesity, Excessive Weight Gain And Excessive Weight Loss

Ayurvedic treatments for obesity and weight loss are unique in that they produce weight loss without causing a negative effect on the body

They dont cause the usual side effects to the patient. A special Ayurvedic massage stops the sagging of the skin, as it gradually shrinks back. This allows the body to adjust to the lost weight

Why The Ayurvedic Approach To Obesity Works

Ayurveda’s obesity treatment focuses on detoxification, this approach allows for the lost weight to stay off. The accumulated toxins in the body play a massive role in weight gain and retention have removed from the body

Whereas other rapid weight loss programs with severe dietary restrictions and without adequate exercise programs or special massages are unsustainable. Many to most people regain the lost weight very soon and sometimes even gain additional weight