Nasya – The Healing Of Nasal Administration

Nasal Administration, or Nasya within the science of Ayurveda and specifically, Panchakarma Nasya is the specialised utilisation of administration of medication utilising the nasal passage.

The elimination of excess humours or toxins that have accumulated in the throat, head, sinus cavities or nose is eliminated by the nearest route, namely the nose or nasal cavities.

As the nasal passages are the door to the brain and to all consciousness as all life energy or prana is taken through the nose.

Prana is known to maintain all motor and sensory functions. Nasal administration of  medication helps to correct a variety of disorders

Prana maintains sensory and motor functions. Nasal administration of medication helps to correct the disorders of prana affecting the higher cerebral, sensory and motor functions.

Nasal Administration – practicing it correctly

Nasal administration is the preferred route of administration for such afflictions such as hoarseness, migraine, convulsions, dryness of the nose, sinus congestion, and certain problems pertaining to ears and eyes

In general terms, the administration of nasal medication should not be administered after a bath, the consumption of food, participation in sexual intercourse or drinking alcohol, nor should it be applied during pregnancy or the monthly menstruation.

The improvement of breathing can also be implemented by massaging the nasal passages.

Nasal Massage involves dipping the smallest finger into ghee and inserted into the nasal cavity, slowly massaging the inner walls are slowly massaged as deeply as possible.

This treatment will help to improve the nasal tissues and release any pent-up emotions

Tips on Nasal Massage: Once you have dipped your smallest finger into an appropriate oil (ghee or sesame work well) insert them into each of nostrils accordingly as deeply as possible without causing discomfort.

The appropriate chosen oil or ghee will lubricate the nasal passages with this gentle massage, a nasal massage helps to relax the deeper nasal tissues and can be performed every time one is under stress or on a daily basis to improve breathing.

As indicated in the picture displayed, the person should lie on a massage table or surface with the head facing upward (or the 12’oclock position) 5 drops of medicated oil or decoction should be added as required to each nostril.

The patient should then lie in this position

As shown in the picture, the person should lie on the table with the head down and the nose facing up. Put 5 drops of oil or decoction as needed into each nostril. Lie in this position for one minute or more until the decision is made to sit up.


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