manda agni 1 800x423 - Manda Agni - The fourth and fiery flame

In this, our last blog post on the four different types of agni, or digestive fire, we will be focusing on Manda Agni – Kapha, As we mentioned in our previous blog posts, we now know that each Dosha has particular qualities or affiliates that we can associate primarily with your particular digestion,

By definition, our doshic constitution guarantees that we remain susceptible to various and specific digestive imbalances, hence, within the sphere of Ayurvedic science, these physical and mental symptoms of an imbalanced agni are easily identified and can be classified as such:

Manda Agni, (which is Kapha related) essentially means there is an excessive amount of Kapha in the digestive system, which often leads to unexpected weight gain and a sluggish and slowed metabolism

Those affected by Manda agni often feel the effects and causes a slow, heavy, and cool digestive fire.

Manda agni sufferers are prone to gaining weight no matter what they eat, that being said at the same time, they seldom eat much, This is due to the fact that their metabolic systems function so slowly that no matter what they ingest, they are prone to weight gain. Generally, they aren’t hungry in the mornings and often still feel dull and heavy from the previous night’s meal.

In terms of mentality, those who have a manda agni digestive system feel lazy, mentally clouded and physically and mentally exhausted, once they have eaten, instead of feeling energised and peppy, they are lethargic, sluggish and struggle to move or focus.

They may often experience other Kapha like side effects which include depression, emotional eating, attachment or abandonment issues, and have clammy and cold skin. It is recommended that they consume a varied hot and well-spiced diet to ignite and kick-start their digestive systems. As with all of the digestive types, each one has its own mental and physical imbalances, it’s just a case of establishing the correct balance to achieve Sama Agni.