Did You Know The Panchakarma Diet Is A Miracle Healer?

Whilst we are all aware that Panchakarma is the ultimate curative treatment and can address a variety of illnesses and ailments, what many people don’t realise is that the Panchakarma diet you follow whilst having Panchakarma treatments performed is one of the complimentary reasons Panchakarma proves to be so powerful a healing tool.

The Panchakarma diet is so hyper-effective because of its components and contents. The diet (which is fairly strict) will consist mainly of kitchari; which is a blend of lentils and basmati rice, which has been slow cooked in a blend of medicinal spices and herbs. Coupled with this is the fact that you cannot consume any coffee or alcohol, and can only drink tea.

Smoothies and salads are also not allowed whilst following the Panchakarma diet, as they are too cooling and have an effect on your agni or digestive fire. Other items on the list of things one cannot consume include sugar, meat and bread, as they prove to be too heavy and overheating for the digestive system.

During Panchakarma, the diet plan you follow is generally wholly sattvic (sattva, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “light,” “goodness” and “purity.”), invoking of positivity and purity, benefiting the ojas, and your overall well-being.

Whilst undergoing Panchakarma, should you continue eating fast foods like pizzas, sandwiches and other processed foods, the Panchakarma treatments and therapies will have no effect and be wasted, as, with all Ayurvedic treatments, cleansing starts to take place within the body and the predominately kitchari diet is an essential part of the whole Panchakarma experience.

During the process of Panchakarma therapy, you become exceptionally aware of your own addictions to foodstuffs, like something sweet after your meal, a crunchy snack or some crisps, or perhaps a piece of chocolate cake. Within the Panchakarma diet, everything is simple, well cooked and soupy or soft. Some Ayurvedic centres will put you on a strict diet of only kitchari whilst you undergo Panchakarma, while here at Indus Valley we serve an assortment of Ayurvedic foods, and when it fits in with your personalised treatment plan, even fruit.

Clarified butter or Ghee as its known, is thought of as liquid gold within the science of Ayurveda and is a definite supernova when utilised in the Panchakarma treatment experience. It is used extensively in practically every meal and treatment. Also used abundantly are herb-infused oils, in both ayurvedic therapies and recipes. When made use of in treatments ghee and herb-infused oils play a significant role in the release and extraction of deep-seated toxins in your system and assist drastically in total body purification.


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