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Understanding Authentic Ayurveda and Panchakarma

Ancient Wisdom Modern Concept

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Ether Featured Image - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 2)

Energising Ether Etheric Energy or space is the next element we are going to discuss in our food sources. People often have a problem telling the difference between air and ether, as they have similar qualities, however, there is most certainly…
Featured Images of the five elements - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Joy Of Eating Your Elements (Blog 1)

Ayurvedic wisdom states that there are five elements that form the makeup of all matter and exist all in all things and all around us. All three of your bodily Doshas are made up of a combination of these elements, the Vata Dosha is made up…
Ashwagandha 1500x1000 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Ashwagandha - The Miracle Herb Of Ayurveda

Ashwagandha is a highly used and important herb within Ayurveda. The name Ashwagandha means "smell of the horse" in Sanskrit, which refers to its distinct smell and its ability to enhance strength. Ashwagandha is also called Indian Ginseng…
jeunesse park 1500x917 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Space to breathe

I recently spent 10 days at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC) at the foot of the Chamundi Hills in Mysuru. This is one of India’s cleanest, greenest and coolest cities, the place of sandalwood, silk, and yoga schools. Despite recently…
sleep2 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation.

In today's fast-paced world, we often push ourselves beyond the limits of our health to achieve goals, with our sleep being the thing we sacrifice most often.  A good night's sleep is incredibly important for your health. In fact,…
people meditating - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Benefits of Mediatiation

Meditation works for everyone who is willing to devote some time to practice. For a beginner, a successful meditation is simply one that leaves you feeling tranquil and rested. Mediation tools include Mantras, Candles and Mudras. Over…
dharma - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Dharma, The Great Law

The Wheel That Turns for All Many of the great spiritual healing traditions and customs taught on the subcontinent of India and beyond are founded on the natural theories and laws of Dharma. Dharma (which is a Sanskrit word ) correlates to…
dorshic6 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Your Doshas Secret Rhythm

Just as with all sentient creatures, human beings, with our physical and mental designs, our bodies and brains mean one thing. That we were intended to perceive and follow the rhythms and laws of Nature as we observed and interacted with them. First…
facepack - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Anti Ageing with Ayurveda

Did you know that the anti-ageing industry was worth a staggering $250 billion in 2016? That isn't just the cosmetics and beauty industries that market and sell instant fresh-faced youth, that is literally only the anti ageing industry. Since…
todaysfeatured image - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Warm Cooked Oiled Food Benifits

Eat Warm, Cooked, Gently Oiled Foods. Eat warm cooked oiled food. This concept may come as a surprise, because of how much salads get classed as the classic healthy food choice. But cold, raw, uncooked foods are difficult for your digestive…
featured image 1500x987 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Food as a Medicine

Imagine your food as a medicine, imagine your garden as your pharmacy and grocery cupboard as your medicine chest. Following the Ayurveda way of life can totally transform your relationship with food. We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”,…
Woman drinking a glass of water - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Warm Water Helps Healing

Nowadays, it seems that every health magazine or wellness program reminds us to drink plenty of water, but few mention warm water. Daily we are told how important it is to drink enough water as part of a healthy lifestyle. From staying hydrated…
4agni3 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Your Digestive Flames And Your Doshas

A Healthy Digestion Is A Hot Topic As you are now aware from reading our previous blog articles, in Ayurveda, the essence of ideal health starts with proper digestion. Poor digestion and weak Agni can and does lead to a variety of issues within…
vata 1500x1000 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Ayurveda Diet For The Vata Dosha

Optimising An Ayurveda Diet For Your Predominant Vata Dosha We know that every person has a predominant dosha. This is due to various factors like age,  your external environment, your current state of health along with a variety of…
7 chakra symbols 1500x844 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Spinning Wheels Of Energy In Your Body

The Chakra System In this blog post, we focus on the Chakra system and how it is interconnected to all the aspects of your physical and metaphysical bodies aspects of the human body. What many people don't realise is that apart from the seven…
Bliss Body - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Your Sheath Of Pure Bliss

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the last of five Koshas, known in Yoga as the Anandamaya Kosha, or as the Spiritual or Bliss Body. Once you have reached the state where you have grown and expanded beyond all of your koshas, you…
kosha mental1 1500x1179 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Manomaya Kosha - The Mind Sheath

Following on with our blog series on the koshas, today's blog post focuses on your Manomaya Kosha or your mental body. “Hello, my name is so and so and I am a yoga teacher” If you've ever heard a person saying that, you may be surprised…
depression - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Depression - The Enemy In All Of Us

In today’s fast-paced world on instant gratification and unlimited access to a huge variety of products and experiences, suffering from depression has become something rather taboo, and is often considered as an excuse for not conforming to…
Yoga cluttered mind 1500x1001 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Clear Your Environment To Clear Your Mind

Maintaining a clear and uncluttered, peaceful state of being and surrounding environment is something that sounds easy enough on paper yet actually takes a fairly significant amount of effort in order to cultivate it as a habit however once…
Obese - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Obesity A Disease That Keeps Growing.

Obesity Becomes A Disease In 2013 by the American Medical Association medically classed Obesity or excessive weight as an official disease  Excessive Weight Is Now A Disease How It's Measured A person’s excessive weight is first…
DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Digestive Disorders

There are various digestive disorders that affect some unlucky people throughout their lives, while some of these gastric afflictions can be healed, while others can only be managed to the point that they are no longer a source of constant discomfort…
meditation - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Ayurveda and Meditation

By definition, meditation is a practice whereby an individual, through a certain technique or practice, ( such as focusing on a particular object or the repetition of a Mantra), manages to achieve an emotionally calm and mentally clear state Since…
charity 1500x844 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Ancient Healing Act of Daana

Since ancient times the Vedic masters of old discovered that all of life's discomfort, illness and disease stemmed from living a lifestyle, (whether consciously or unconsciously) in opposition and violation of the natural law of the universe. The…
incese - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Incense And Its Unique Abilities

Incense is one of the oldest forms of Aromatherapy, the ancient art and science that uses the subtle power of fragrances to re-establish balance and harmony in the many levels of our being. Constantly and consistently used in meditation,…
Kati Basti Lower Back Oil Therapy 845x321 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Extracting Pain Though Sacred Oil Science

A Surefire way fire way to deal with lower back problems is through the Ancient Ayurvedic Therapy of Kati Basti Those of you who are familiar with this treatment know that its focused on maintaining a pool of herbalised oil or water on the…
Paralysis - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Paralysis...Trapped From Within.

By definition, paralysis can simply be defined as the inability or the unresponsiveness of movement of the muscles or muscular function in the body. It is known to occur when there is a distinct disruption of the communications between the muscles…
ayurveda cooking 1500x812 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

A New Way of Life That Isn't Slowing Down.

Nowadays, more and more people across the world are opting for a Vegetarian, Vegan or a Plant-Based way of eating. The Indus Valley Ayurveda Center has always placed careful attention to the preparation of food and with it the dietary principles…
sandalwood - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Sacred Sandalwood Trees At IVAC

The oil of the sandalwood tree is the unique as it is the only essential oil which is a conduit for opening all of the chakras (Spiritual centres) and works on opening every spiritual channel within both the physical and etheric body. Sandalwood…
nasya1 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Do You Suffer from Tinnitus or Karnanada?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in one or both ears. The term “tinnitus” derives from the Latin word tinnire, meaning to ring. It is often referred to as "ringing in the ears". This ringing can be intermittent or constant-with single…
manda agni 1 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Manda Agni - The fourth and fiery flame

In this, our last blog post on the four different types of agni, or digestive fire, we will be focusing on Manda Agni - Kapha, As we mentioned in our previous blog posts, we now know that each Dosha has particular qualities or affiliates that…
tikshna agni 1 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Tikshna Agni - The Third Fiery Flame

As mentioned earlier in our previous blog posts, we are discussing the four different types of digestive fire or agni, as you know, you have particular qualities from which we can now primarily ascertain which Dosha is principally predominant…
vishama agni - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Second Searing Flame Of Agni

As we mentioned in our earlier blog posts, there are particular qualities by which we can now primarily associate with your prominent doshic digestion. All of our doshic constitutions guarantee that we are all prone and susceptible to myriad…
sama agni - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

The Four Flaming Fires Of Agni

Our next four blog posts will deal with the four different types of Agni or digestive fire. Today we will be discussing Sama Agni. Sama Agni Or The Perfectly Balanced Digestive System. As we mentioned in our earlier blog posts, there…
two brains 1 - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

One Body With Two Brains?

As discussed in our previous blogs, Agni (your digestive fire) controls more than just your physical digestion, it also plays a pivotal role in the way you deal with, or digest your emotions. We have all heard the phrase " That person is…
fasting - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Fasting Your Way To Health And Longevity

Fasting, both intermittent and prolonged, has garnered a lot of attention in dietary circles as of late. Within the science of Ayurveda, fasting is an age-old practice, with consideration given to the constitution of the individual before a…
task scheduling ivac - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Blog

Ayurveda And Time Management

Within western society, time is a thing or something that we are granted every day yet seldom or never seem to have enough of to spare. Spent in countless ways we seemingly use up most if not all of our accorded time, and yet not always in ways…

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