IVAC Ayurvedic Home Detox Kit

7-10 Day Distant Treatment Programme (India Only)

Tailor-Made Detox Kit for Individual Health Conditions

A Complete Guided Programme by the IVAC Ayurvedic Medical Team


Home Detox Kit Benefits

  1. A complete guided programme by the IVAC Ayurvedic medical team (Complete daily guidance and advice from an Ayurvedic Doctor)
  2. The world’s best Ayurvedic detox treatment in your own home and time
  3. Continue your day to day life while benefiting from this home detox process
  4. Save time travelling to a distant centre
  5. Save on the cost of travelling
  6. The first line of treatment for any health problems
  7. Not only for people suffering from a disease – It is also good for healthy people to maintain their current health
  8. Kit includes ingredients to prepare food during the detox program
  9. Along with getting treated for health problems, the treatment will also help with weight-loss

After Purchase a Dedicated IVAC Ayurvedic Doctor will Contact You for a Consultation and to Customise Your Detox Kit Before Treatment Starts

IVAC Detox Kits are individually designed so that they address the specific needs of the individual's constitution and imbalances

Ayurveda, the science of life, guides us through its various principles of daily routine, food habits and behavioural conducts to maintain a positive mind and body and keeping diseases at bay.

To get to the health of a community at a deeper level, Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre has launched a distant health monitoring system which helps to maintain positive health by regular detoxification therapies.

Ayurveda recognises that our body deposits various toxins on a regular basis which slows down its functioning and would be the causing factor for diseases. These toxins need to be eliminated at regular intervals in order to ensure that our health is not compromised.

This can be achieved with the introduction of the IVAC Home Detox Kit.

This kit is designed as a health springboard kit with a complete monitoring system during the process of Detoxification.

IVAC Ayurvedic Home Detox Kit

Who can use the kit?

  1. To be used only under the guidance and supervision of the Indus Valley Medical team
  2. Individuals between the age group of 18 – 60 years
  3. Individuals with chronic health issues / autoimmune conditions / metabolic disorders
IVAC Ayurvedic Home Detox Kit

When should the kit be used?

  1. As a follow up to an In-house Ayurveda treatment
  2. As preparation before coming to Indus Valley for treatment
  3. As a seasonal Detoxification
IVAC Ayurvedic Home Detox Kit

How does the kit help you?

  1. Eliminates toxins
  2. Improves metabolism
  3. Balances your energy levels
  4. Strengthens the immune system