From reading our previous blogs you should now have a definitive idea of what your main Dorsha is. Within the science of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine, there exists a very interesting phenomenon. And that is the fact that the Dorsha that you are predominantly today, is not likely the Dorsha you were born with. It may seem strange, but once you understand the reasoning behind it, it actually becomes very easy to comprehend.

You have something within you that is called your Prakriti, which, at the moment of your birth, was the natural Doshic constitution you were given. It is the thing that is responsible for a great many of your natural traits, things like the colour of your hair, the strength of your teeth and nails, your skin colour, height and a variety of many other of your predetermined characteristics.

Then you have what Ayurveda calls your Vikruti, which is the predominant Doshic makeup and constitution you have at present in your life.   

Your current Doshic constitution or Vikruti is who you are today due to a number of things; your diet plays a pivotal role, as does weight loss or gain and the lifestyle choices you make and take.

A great deal of your Vikruti is affected by many factors, both internal and external, things like how physically active you are, the environments you spend time in, like work and home and the levels of stress you find yourself under on a day to day basis. Let us elaborate on the difference between your body’s Vikruti and your body’s Prakriti so that you can go about assessing your own should you want to.

While reading our previous blogs on the descriptions of the various doshas, you may well have found that during different periods and times of your life you related to all of the doshas at some point. Perhaps you were predominantly Pitta in your thirties, but now you feel totally Kapha, which is completely normal.

Each of us has Dorsha within us of varying quantities, and as you progress through life, they change along with you. Which may lead you to ask the question (and it should), how do we know what we truly are or what is just a temporary doshic balance? The question is answered perfectly by the science of Ayurveda, and it is done ideally by addressing the differences that exist between your Vikruti and your Prakriti.

Who you are is determined by your Prakriti. Some people are naturally born skinny and tall, with long limbs and fingers, whilst others of us are born petite or athletic. Your DNA defines these characteristics. Whilst you can change your hair and eye colour or gain or lose weight, you can never change your actual genetic makeup. I myself was born with hazel eyes, an angular faced, fairly muscular brunette. So the chances of me winding up an oval-faced redhead, with lanky limbs who is over six feet tall are simply impossible.

It’s just never going to happen to me. There are, however, things that I could change, I could take up weightlifting and become heavily muscled, or I could bleach my hair and wear coloured contact lenses. But doing this wouldn’t be who I am, it would just be my current Doshic state, just my Vikruti. Your Doshic imbalances are shown to you by your Vikruti. One the Ayurvedic secrets to health are the return to your Prakriti and your natural Doshic state.