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Digesting Dairy – The Truth About Dairy Products

When digesting dairy and milk products. Embracing particular items of dairy are a fantastic way to boost your immune system. Shunned in certain circles. It is thought that digesting dairy is responsible for many ailments, from stomach upsets to acne and sinus problems.

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Ayurvedic Dairy Products

Ayurveda and Dairy

Ayurveda, however, fully embraces specific dairy products. It’s thought that it’s not just what dairy you’re eating but rather how you are eating it that can upset your system.

Even people who thought they were lactose intolerant  – and I was one of them! Went on to find out that I could quickly eat the dairy products Ayurveda recommends.

Let’s Start With The Amazing Ayurvedic Dairy Product Ghee

Ayurveda focuses heavily clarified butter or ghee. So much so that several Ayurvedic texts have devoted whole chapters to it. Ghee is a highly useful ingredient used in Ayurveda. Especially as the body can very efficiently process it when digesting dairy. 

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Ayurvedic Ghee

The Many Benefits And Uses Of Ghee

In the text Bhavaprakash (an ancient piece of Ayurvedic writing), Ghee’s many benefits are described. As an efficiently digesting dairy item, Ghee is also rejuvenating, is sweet, is good for vision. It also helps to kindle our digestive fire, digest and detoxify our food.

It’s also lucky to receive as a gift and is known to bring lustre to your hair, increase courage, beauty, a good voice and memory with increased intelligence.

Easily Digestible and Diverse 

Being an efficiently digesting dairy item, it prolongs life and gives physical strength. It cures gas in the abdomen. Is digestible and an efficiently absorbed dairy item when you’re feverish, with abdominal pain or ulcers. Its known to increase immunity and fights herpes and other diseases of the blood.

Modern Research and Finding

Modern research has started confirming what the ancient Ayurvedic sages had known for thousands of years. That ghee is tremendously useful for you and is an efficiently digesting dairy item.

Apart from being an easily digesting dairy, it’s the highest known food source of butyric acid – a beneficial fatty acid for immunity. And helps to support healthy levels of cholesterol reduces fatty tissues, increases energy production, and regulates elimination.

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Ayurvedic Treatment Using Ghee

Ghee’s Many Uses in Food And Medicine

You can cook meat and vegetables in ghee, and add warmed ghee to cooked lentils or other vegetables. As an efficiently digesting dairy product, you can also add a small spoonful of ghee to dry, light foods like popcorn and salads.

Ghee is enough of a digesting dairy product to help increase digestibility without causing vata dosha (the gaseous bio force) to build up excessively in the body as uncomfortable bloating and constipation.

Ghee And Weightloss

You may be surprised to know that Ayurveda even recommends Ghee to those seeking to lose weight and those who have diabetes. Out of the dairy products, and you have trouble digesting dairy, you can consume ghee even if you’re lactose intolerant. As the casein (dairy component) has been removed.

Improving with Age

In Sanskrit, the word for “to oil” is sneha, which also means “to love.” Like any lasting love relationship, ghee gets better the longer you have it. So its best to make an abundant supply of this easily digesting dairy item as you can store ghee for long-term use.

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Warmed Milk

Ayurveda And Warm Milk

I excluded milk from my life while I thought I was lactose intolerant, before discovering through Ayurveda. I found I was only unable to digest milk because I was drinking it while it was cold and unflavored.

The Yogurt Treat Takra

Ayurveda recommends regularly drinking milk warm, so it runs smoothly through your physical channels. Regular yoghurt, however, is too dense and does not promote proper digestion for most people. However, when whisked with water and spices, it forms a delicious and healthy drink called Takra.


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