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7-10 Day Distant Treatment Programme

IVAC Ayurvedic
Home Detox Kit

Tailor-Made Detox Kit for your Individual Health Conditions.

A Complete Guided Programme by the IVAC Ayurvedic Medical Team


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Free daily doctors consultation by phone
free step by step ayurveda kit manual included


  1. A complete guided programme by the IVAC Ayurvedic medical team (Complete daily guidance and advice from an Ayurvedic Doctor)
  2. The world’s best Ayurvedic detox treatment in your own home and time
  3. Continue your day to day life while benefiting from this home detox process
  4. Save time travelling to a distant centre
  5. Save on the cost of travelling
  6. Save on additional medical costs by staying healthy
  7. The first line of treatment for any health problems
  8. Not only for people suffering from a disease – It is also good for healthy people to maintain their current health
  9. Kit includes ingredients to prepare food during the detox program
  10. Along with getting treated for health problems, the treatment will also help with weight-loss
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Pre-Cancer Treatment Kit

Specifically formulated to help your body regain its natural equilibrium and higher your tolerance to better handle and recover from cancer treatments like chemo or radiation therapy. The Kit can be used prior to undergoing cancer treatment therapy to build resilience or during the periods between treatments to help purge the body of post-treatment toxins.

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Weight Loss Kit

Designed to help you lose weight in a permanent but sustainable way. By helping to remove toxic mater and regulate your body’s metabolism in a controlled manner, weight loss occurs naturally and easily.

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Detox & Immunity Boosting Kit

Created to naturally cleanse the body and remove the buildup of toxins that are created on a day to day basis through internal and external sources, the removal of these toxins not only detoxifies the body but allows the immune system to recover and strengthen and fight off internal and external infections and ailments. Health is Wealth.

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Pre-Natal Kit

Developed to assist your body when planning or trying to conceive, our kit is formulated to regulate the body’s natural functions and balance by creating a toxin-free environment and healthy hormonal balance.

Immunity Boosting

“The gut is the seat of all feelings. Polluting the gut not only cripples your immune system but also destroys your sense of empathy, the ability to identify with other humans” ― Suzy Kassem

With the continuation of the Covid-19 escalation across the globe and further discoveries of just how damaging this virus is proving to be, not only to our respiratory systems (a vital part of our immune system) but to other areas of the body as well, more and more focus is being placed on the strengthening and enhancement of the body’s immune system as the first line of defence and a key factor to maintaining optimum health.

IVAC Reviews

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Wellness Centre treated patients from more than 65 countries worldwide. Here is what they have to say about their experience.

Health Is Wealth

By keeping healthy with the IVAC Ayurvedic Detox Kit you will build on the Greatest Wealth anybody can ever wish for – Health.

Guiding Doctors

After Purchase a Dedicated IVAC Ayurvedic Doctor will Contact You for a Consultation and to Customise Your Ayurvedic Kit Before Treatment Starts. A Doctor will Guide you Through Each Step on a Daily Basis.

IVAC’s Wellness Kits are individually designed so that they address the specific needs of the individual’s constitution and imbalances

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IVAC's covid 19 approach

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