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​​​​​October’s webinars focused on the many health benefits of Panchakarma.

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Below is a list of the Free Webinars over the past 14 Weeks hosted by:
Mr. Shibashis Chakraborty, Dr. Wasuki Upadhaya and Dr. Deepthi Niranjan

Local Phanchakarma Therapies for Mind & Body

Post-Panchakarma Care & Correctly Breaking a Fast.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Home Detox

The #1 Health Secret You Have to Know

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Home Detox Without Food & Beverages

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NOTICE: Free Webinar 12/09 2020
We apologise to everyone who missed our webinar!
'Home Detox Through Beverages'
This was due to a technical glitch.
While we were down for 15 minutes many visitors left the Webinar.
GOOD NEWS is we recorded the Webinar for a replay (Above) once we were back online.

Home Detox Remedies Through Food

Conclusion: Weight Management through Ayurveda & Yoga

Weight Management through Ayurveda & Yoga

Weight Gain with the help of Food and Lifestyle

Weight Loss Through Food & Beverages

Q&A Webinar and Win an Amazing Prize

Your Brain Waves & Deep Sleep

Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Heal

How to deal with Change during a Crisis

Authentic Panchakarma Weight Loss Offer
With Our Unique and Effective Ayurveda Treatment Called Dhanyaamladhara


Life Changing Treatment