IVAC Foundation Student Alumni



Sowmya. M Therapist
Kavya Trainee Therapist
Pallavi Trainee Therapist
Udayakumar. T.R Trainee Therapist
Shanthi Trainee Therapist
Rajeshwari. H.M Trainee Therapist
Yogeshkumar Trainee Therapist
Kavya. N Therapist
Shilpa Trainee Therapist
Jyothi. M Trainee Therapist
Kumari. K Trainee Therapist
Raju. G Trainee Therapist
Gayatri Therapist
Vinodraj Therapist
Sowmya Trainee Therapist
Jastinshwetha. G.S Sr.Therapist
Nandini. R Therapist
Pavitra. G Therapist
Chaitra.B Trainee Therapist
Rajani. K.K Trainee Therapist
Dharani Trainee Therapist
Baghyamma. M Therapist
Dayananda. M Therapist
Vinutha Therapist
Mahesh Therapist
Roopa. M Therapist
Rajeshwari Supervisor
Sowmyashree. G Sr.Therapist
Sowmya. N Trainee Therapist
Kaveri. D Trainee Therapist
Avinash Trainee Therapist
Ashwini. H. Naik Therapy Supervisor
Nagendra. S Sr.Therapist
Raghuveer. M Therapist
Padma Therapist
Ramya. S Therapist
Mahadevaswamy. N Therapist
Chaitra. H.M Therapist
Makumsiliu. Z Therapist
Sowmya. N Therapist
Rajesh. S Therapist
Avinash. N Therapist
Baghyalakshmi. S Therapist
Poornima. H.M Therapist
Masenbuiliu. Abonmi Therapist
Diganta Boruah Trainee Therapist
Punithkumar. M  Therapist
Rani. L A  Therapist
Deepamoni. Gogoi Trainee Therapist
Manigdoubou Abonmai  Sr.Therapist
Nagarathna. S  Sr.Therapist
Vinitha G.C Therapist
Geetha N.M Therapist
Jyothisharma Therapist
Hemalatha. J Therapist
Mahesh. D Therapist
Malvica Fernades BEAUTICIAN
Manoj Dahal Therapist
Dibyajyothi Borah Therapist
Bedakumari Giri Therapist
Saraswathi. R Therapist
Shanti cherty Therapist
Deepti thakuri Therapist
Goma sharma Therapist
Asha chetry Therapist
Chandana Therapist
Lavanya.M. Therapist
Shivamma Therapist
Krishnaveni K.S Therapist
Ritumoni. Bora Therapist
Sabitry. Chetry Therapist
Ms.Ashwini M.G Trainee Therapist
Savithramma K.P Therapist
Namringambou. Chawang Therapist
Raja Therapist
Lavanya. M Therapist
Divya. H.R Therapist
Priyanka Therapist
Srinivasa. T Supervisor
Pradepa. P Therapist
Ashwini. B Therapist
Sushmitha. S Therapist
Ritumoni. Bora Therapist

IVAC Foundation Student Quotes

I felt happy about the exceptional training that you have given to the therapists. Everyone in your team has a fantastic attitude and for me, this was an amazing experience. I shall make IVAC part of my annual calendar.

Mrs Nandini Vaidyanathan – India.

The experience was positive and interesting for all of us. The staff is of the highest possible calibre.

Dr Andrew Weil – USA

IVAC staffs are excellent. They go about their work greatly, politely and with responsibility.

Mr D.P.Sinha – Noida

I have enjoyed all the treatments, masseurs are very well trained and this is one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Mrs Uma Oberoi – Jeddah

I felt happy about the attention by everyone especially both doctors, all the masseurs, the yoga instructor and the front office manager. I have never had such wonderful Ayurvedic Treatment before! Thank you all for your kindness & attention.

Mrs Suzanne Palmer – Australia

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