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Yagyas at IVAC

The ancient sages prescribed yajnyas (sometimes written as yagyas also) as an important part of Ayurveda. These Vedic rituals were performed by special purohits or Brahmin priests who had been trained from a young age in the recitation of Sanskrit mantras. Modern research has shown the remarkable effects of chanting Sanskrit on health and well-being. The actual language of Sanskrit was engineered by Rishis to purify and balance one’s body, mind and the environment around us.

In the Vedic yajnyas besides the mantras, special rituals or pujas are performed to awaken each aspect of intelligence that is underlying the universe. Even modern physics has acknowledged these subtle laws of nature, 1000’s of years ago the Rishis observed them and called them Devatas or various intelligent underlying aspects of this wonderful creation. After a performance of the special rituals along with chanting, the yajnya fire is lit in a beautiful ceremony.

Fire is the vehicle of yajnya, besides the medicinal value of fire and also, in this case, special woods and fragrant substances are offered to the yajnya fire, the quality of fire is the same transformative energy that is animating the entire creation. By offering the sound and substances to the fire, the fire is resonating and transmitting this to subtle matter and through subtle energy and also the special intention (or Sankalpa in Sanskrit) of the yajnya that we set will be supported. As per Ayurveda, Charaka Samhita, the most ancient of Ayurvedic texts informs the physician that when no other measures are working for a disease, yajnyas must be performed.

Many patients have reported remarkable peace of mind and deep healing for performing them. At IVAC we have a team of expert priests to perform the rituals and can arrange a variety of specialised yajnyas based on your needs. Some of the yajnyas performed are:

Mahaganapathi Homa:

This is done to enhance the natural flow of our lives and removes any difficulties that we are presently facing, be they physical, mental or emotional. Ganapathi or Ganesha is the aspect of our physiology related to the root energy that allows us to achieve our desires and have worldly and spiritual success. For all activities to succeed one should bow to this quality of Ganesha. Mahaganapathi havan is performed for any difficulties or at the beginning of any new venture.

Mahamrtyunjaya Homa:

In this yajnya a special mantra is performed that is from the Rk Veda that is used for healing of diseases and also purifying the heart and mind. This is often performed for chronic and incurable diseases to bring relief to the condition. In conjunction with Ayurvedic treatments such as Panchakarma, this yajnya can speed up the recovery process.

Navagraha Shanti Homa:

This is performed to bring harmony to each of the 9 aspects of the planetary energies that are underlying archetypes of all activities in this world. One way to understand the 9 planets is through the 9 numbers we use every day.

  1. is the sun, it is unity, totality, the soul, the full expression of all.
  2. is the moon, it is duality, change, expansion of the soul into the world of the mind where there exists dual qualities that appear to be but underlying the mind is the totality.
  3. is the expression of our actions, it is Mars, it is all actions and activities undertaken.
  4. is Mercury, it is the square with 4 sides, it is harmony, balance, bringing 1,2,3 into form.
  5. is Jupiter it is Jupiter or Guru in Sanskrit. It is the light of the teacher and the harmony and mid-point where all knowledge naturally flows from.
  6. is Venus, it is the artistic expressions of life, it is form, beauty and refinement, arts, dance, music.
  7. is Saturn or Sani. Saturn is said to be the greatest of yogis, 7 is the embankment from the material world into more subtle realms, so as we start to move beyond this world that is rather temporal we move to 7.
  8. and 9 are Rahu and Ketu. They are the final completion of all and are called shadow planets. The represent the matters that are not visible but the hidden karmas that are yet to express or come suddenly without explanation. Once Ketu is reached, one can reach Moksha or liberation as one sees all the numbers and their plan.

So with this introduction to the Navagraha, the Navagraha Shaanti yajnya is a yajnya performed to harmonise all these energies. Each of them is special and unique and when they are harmonised we have more flow in our life and less resistance to overcome adversity. Ultimately we reach Moksha or freedom and surrender totally.

At IVAC we can also perform specific yajnyas for individual planets if you have had your birth chart read by a Jyotish and we can thus perform specifically for your present period of life.

Various other homas can be arranged on request by our expert priests. All homas are performed at IVAC in our beautiful and lush campus and are done in the highest spirit of purity to this ancient unending tradition of Vedic wisdom.

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