Kati Basti Lower Back Oil Therapy 845x321 - Extracting Pain Though Sacred Oil Science

A Surefire way fire way to deal with lower back problems is through the Ancient Ayurvedic Therapy of Kati Basti

Those of you who are familiar with this treatment know that its focused on maintaining a pool of herbalised oil or water on the lower back in a dough dam in order to reducing inflammation and pain caused by Lumbar Spondylosis, Sciatica, and Osteoporosis.

The treatment commences with a full back massage using warm herbal boluses. After which, the technicians will create a dough dam along the spine in which the herbalised oil is poured into. Kati Basti It is very balancing for Vata, and in particular, Apana Vayu.

It nourishes the root and second chakra hence helping to improve libido, urinary problems, prostate problems, and menstrual problems. It can help with mental functioning particularly if one has a problem with Apana Vayu.

The procedure is performed by two Ayurvedic therapists and helps with conditions and afflictions like acute and chronic backaches, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, prolapsed disc and osteoporosis to name a few

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