Chakra Basti - Extracting Our Imbalances - With Ayurveda and Oil

Basti Karma is an intensely thorough toxic cleansing therapy. It is performed as a naval oil bath and as a Basti, forms one part of the five key aspects that make up the whole of the Panchakarma treatment therapies

Basti Karma is often thought of as the “Mother” of all of the treatments which are available to be performed within the sphere of Ayurvedic healing and therapies. This Ayurvedic treatment is known to cleanse all forms of accumulated toxins from all three of the Doshas, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Basti Karma works particularly well on the removal of accumulated Vata toxins through the colon.

Basti Karma is also known to be an exceptionally beneficial and therapeutic rejuvenating treatment, especially when patients are undergoing periods of convalescing and recuperation, whether they are recovering from an illness or medical treatment, be it major or minor.

When a patient is undergoing the deeply profound and healing treatment of Basti Karma, they are made to lay on their back, in a totally comfortable position on a massage table. The treatment is performed by dual therapists, who will then create a container that looks like a doughnut made out of a dough (The dough is traditionally made from black garbanzo flour, or in some cases, the dough is made up of whole wheat flour that is mixed with water). The therapists will then place the open-bottomed container over the patients naval, and then fill it with a warmed, herbalized oil or ghee.

The Oil goes to create the action of pulling out and removing accumulated physical toxins and negative energies, whilst creating a balance in all three of the doshas. The entire treatment is intensely relaxing and soothing to the entire physiology while having the added benefit of opening and balancing the body’s third Chakra, which is the Solar plexus chakra, named Manipura.

During the process of undergoing Bast Karmai medicated ghee or oil (along with a herbal decoction) are given as an enema to flush and clean the colon and cause an increase in the muscle tone of the body. The procedure is usually applied for a period of 8 to 30 days, based on the medical condition of the patient.

Since the dawn of the medical system of Ayurveda, Basti Karma has been an essential and integral part of Panchakarma. It is thought that if performed correctly, the treatment of Basti Karma can be beneficial and healing throughout the human body, rendering curative effects that at times, would be considered nothing short of miraculous. Basti Karmas effects have the reputation to comprise half of the entire sphere of treatments that are considered to provide substantial relief or cures for different conditions.

Basti Karmas efficacy and ability to produce a desired or intended result is justified in Ayurveda by the treatments ability to balance all three of the doshas, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. One of the reasons for this is because whereas Basti primarily creates balance in the Vata dosha, when one of the doshas is balanced, the other two doshas, in this case, Pitta and Kapha, are balanced spontaneously, this is one of the most wonderful aspects of this particular Panchakarma therapy.

It also provides sustenance, nourishes and feeds the colonic gut flora. Basti is also known to enhance an individual’s immune system by cleansing and nourishing the colon. The treatment of Basti also puts the entire body into a state of total balance by providing nourishment to the base prana of the body which is formed in the colon.

The science and practice of Ayurveda is known to integrate all of the various aspects of an individual; the mind, body and soul. This treatment’s supported focus on the naval area, which is a major marma point that connects the thousands of vibrational channels of the body, called nadis, which are responsible for carrying life energy or prana. The navel is also the seat of the solar plexus chakra, which has a direct influence on willpower and the individual’s ego. From a physical point of view, Basti is known to directly reduce bodily problems related to digestion and the elimination of waste matter.

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