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In Ayurveda, the view of optimum health is to be without pain, affliction or illness in order to allow you to freely evolve on a spiritual level. When the body is ill, you struggle to focus on anything except your desire to become well and healthy again. Hence you become grounded in your physical frame and your thoughts become fixated on discovering a way to return your body to optimum health.

In contrast, when you are in prime health, you are no longer fixated on your physical body. You surpass the physical body limitations and become open to self- awareness and actualisation because your mind is clear and in union with your body and spirit and you can focus beyond the physical. This allows for the fulfilment and realisations of one’s potentialities, gifts and talents.

For health to be achieved, there must be an equilibrium between all the spheres of your life, you must have emotional, occupational, physical, mental, spiritual and environmental balance in your life in order to experience true health. For example, if you have a strong physical body and a have a well-paying job that you enjoy but suffer from unhealthy relationships in your personal life, the rest of you will be affected and ultimately suffer.

Eventually, that emotional imbalance will manifest as a spiritual imbalance which in turn, will manifest as ailments that affect your physical body, resulting in sickness and poor health. This, in turn, will have a negative effect on your occupation and those around you in the workplace and home.

All the many facets of your health are interlinked, and if you don’t achieve balance in each of the areas, then your entire being suffers the consequences. This is the purpose of Ayurveda.

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